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[USS Charon] SD241009.05 || Flashback Log || "Knight in Shining Armor" - Jack Fellos II

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"Knight in Shining Armor"

Kestra was nursing a brandy while relaxing in the lounge. She was new
to the ship, and hadn't quite settled in yet. It was quite a different
environment then the academy on Betazoid. "Hi there." Suddenly there
was tall, dark, and reasonably handsome standing at her table.

"Hello" Kestra smiled politely.

"I'm Bryan Keiten." The man smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. In
fact it was more creepy then comforting. He radiated a sick oily
sensation that didn't require her telepathy to feel.

"Ensign Hagan" she replied, purposefully not giving him her first name.

"Well, would you like some company?" He winked and smirked at her, and
Kestra was suddenly vaguely nauseous.

"That's very kind, but I was enjoying some quiet time."

"Oh, well nobody should drink alone." And he sat down.

Kestra was appalled. It was bad manners within Starfleet; it was
extremely rude on Betazoid.

"Well unfortunately, I need to go." Kestra decided to just leave the
situation all together, and stood up.

Bryan followed suit and grabbed her hand. "I'll walk you home."

"Let go" Kestra told him firmly.

"Little shy?" Bryan seemed unperturbed by her reticence.

Jack was watching the exchange and seeing the man physically grab her,
he set his glass down and made his way over quickly, "Excuse me. It
would really seem to me that she is far from interested in going
anywhere with you."

With Bryan's attention momentarily distracted by the new man's
appearance Kestra jerked her hand away. "Yes." She took a deep breath
to calm herself. "I'm really not interested"

Jack gave the man a threatening look telling him he better run away now.

Bryan was about to press the issue, having just enough booze in him to
be stupid. But seemed to think better of it. "Whatever, cold hearted
bi..." and the rest trailed off and Bryan walked off, trying to make
it look like it was all his idea.

Kestra pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "Thank you. I was about
to have to call security." Kestra re took her seat, feeling a tiny bit

"Oh, no..." Jack shook his head, "Get back here, man. Apologize to the
lady for even THINKING of calling her what you were about to call

"Or what buddy?" Bryan turned around with a tiny sway. "You think you
can play all chivalrous night and get lucky? Good luck to you, but
leave me out of it."

"Oh, that is hardly it, but I refuse to let any lady be treated like this."

"It's alright" Kestra spoke up, not wanting the situation to escalate.
Bryan had been leaving, and she could smell the alcohol on him, so his
behavior if pushed couldn't be judged well.

Jack nodded, "Sorry, Ma'am." He looked back at the guy, "Go on, now.
Leave the ladies alone." He looked at her again, "I'm sorry. I just
can't abide jerks like that."

Kestra smiled. "It's ok. He's gone now." Kestra's eyes watched Bryan,
who was almost at the doors. "Would you like to sit?" She offered.

He nodded, "Sure, but I left my drink over there. I'll be back." After
a moment, Jack returned with his drink and smiled sitting down.

"Ensign Kestra Hagan." she introduced herself.

"Jack Fellos." He looked around the room, "Does that happen often?"

Kestra shook her head. "No never. Is that common?" She asked warily.
"I've just arrived recently from Betazed."

He chuckled, "I don't know. I just got here myself." He looked at her.
There were the telltale eyes, "But I'm not surprised with you being
Betazoid and all."

"Yes I suppose. It took me by surprise. I appreciate the help Mr.
Fellos." She smiled at him sincerely.

He nodded, "If that ever happens again, you just tell them they have
to go through me." He winked and sat back sighing, realizing he
wondered if any of their friends back at the Academy were keeping the
sleaze away from Callah.

"That's very nice of you, but I'm sure security could have handled it
if needed." Her curiosity piqued she asked. "Why the sigh?" She'd kept
her shields up particularly high after Bryan, so wasn't getting even
an empathic since from Jack.

"Just wondering if anyone is bothering to look after Callah back at
the Academy."

"Your girlfriend?" Kestra asked, not spotting a ring she assumed so.

He nodded with a smile that practically glowed as he thought of Callah.

Kestra smiled in return. His emotion obviously not feigned. "Too bad
she couldn't come with you. Starfleet is so hard on relationships."
Kestra lamented.

He nodded, "You've got someone you can't be with?"

"No. Not anymore. I decided to follow my career path." She didn't
expand. "What do you do?"

He frowned. He wasn't sure why she couldn't have both, but he decided
not to open that can of worms. "I'm an engineer. You?"

"I'm a sociologist" she answered. The frown didn't get past her
though. "My fiancée wasn't happy with how much time I spent in work
and school. What about Callah? What year cadet is she?"

"This is her last year. She was supposed to try to get the same
assignment as me, but she went on a dig with her father last year. It
set her back."

"Well a year isn't a terribly long time." Kestra took a sip of her drink.

"It's already feeling like forever." He folded his hands on the table.

"Maybe you should write to her?"

He chuckled, "Every night."

"Ahhh, then I'm out of helpful but not asked for advice." She smiled.

He chuckled, "Yes, it's just a matter of getting used to things.
Protecting the ladies of the ship and glaring down sleazy men."

"Yes time usually does help these things." Then she chuckled softly.
"You did have an impressive glare. But he was drunk, it would have
been safer to let security handled it if needed."

He pursed his lips and nodded, "Hindsight tells me that as well."

She smiled. "Doesn't it always. It was a very nice gesture, regardless."

He nodded, "No problem."


Jack Fellos II


Kestra Hagan (Selin)

USS Charon