Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241009.07 Plot Log: Agency Response "Vivisection"

=\/= Border of I'Rak Prime System =\/=

The I'Rak Prime system was just like any other ordinary system in the Empire on any other stardate.  Commerce happened here, it was the center of a great Romulan Fleet.  One that was sworn to protect the Romulan way of life with their lives if need be.  They were given great ships of war, superior technology, and the training to devastate a world if need be.  Patrols were being carried out around the system, a normal thing for having Hama-Class station sitting above the inhabited world.  To the untrained eye nothing was truly out of place, and the system looked to be at peace.

But these were not untrained eyes.

The patrols on the borders were in the wrong position.  The frontier was not in a 360 degree circle from the planet, there was no need to patrol along the borders of the core worlds of the Empire.  Even political games knew better than to involve the Galae in such pety strife, as decreasing the security of the Romulan Empire was dealt with harshly and immediately.  The patrol along the interior borders was larger than normal.  A squadron of 10 ships instead of the normal picket of 5 this far into the Empire.  They were still using the subspace relay system to send messages back and forth, however they were doing it at a faster interval than normal procedure for the Galae.

The thirty ships assigned to this squadron held their ground close by.  They were on low power and cloaked awaiting their orders.  It was a twenty five minute interval from when the last packet would be sent and the next would transmit.  They would not have to wait much longer.  The squadron began to sound off to the Hama in the system of their status report.  When the signal was done transmitting, the ten ships of the Traitor's fleet began to experiance troubles on their ships.

First the communications systems went out.  Fighter bay doors shut tight and the transporters went out.  The much more critical things began to die off, power stopped being sent to the engines, and everything on the ship seemed to shut off.  The ships began to drift aimlessly, holding close formations for the patrol two of the D'Daathk's even collided before they realized what had happened.

The command codes were known on ship to only two people.  The Captain, a Galae Officer, and the Political Officer, which was almost always a Tal'Shiar officer.  Fleet positions were not given the command codes of the ships beneath them.  They were not trusted to abuse such power.  The Tal'Shiar on the other hand, had the access codes to the entire Romulan fleet.  As the traitor ships slowly began to drift aimlessly, completely helpless, the attack came.

The thirty ships decloaked, three ships per enemy.  It was swift, brutal and completely without mercy.  No attempt was made to contact the crew, no quarter was given.  The ships themselves were destroyed utterly, before the Galae ships recloaked and turned inward towards the system.

All three of the pickets were neutralized in the same manner, a few seconds after they sent off the last of the final status report.  When it was done, the two commandeered fleets descended under cloak into the system.  They would arrive five minutes before the next message was due.  Five minutes was more than enough time to obliterate the traitors and be done with it.

The Sub-General in charge steepled his fingers as he looked on at the tactical display.  They had taken a Federation Starship.  complications.  The Agency hated complications.  The big question was, how far along was that Vulcan vessel.  The Agency had trapped that annoying little worm in its communications nets.  It was delayed for only a fraction of a nanosecond.  But that was still enough to copy everything there.  Such technology, and those foolish Vulcan's were experimenting with it?  He had already sent off one of his escorts to Agency HQ to begin working on such technology in secret, keeping the copied data heavily quarantined.

That was the future though.  Right now, they had a traitor to kill.  Falling in just barely behind the two fleets closing in on I'Rak Prime, was a small wing of ships that were invisible even to the attackers...  Nothing would be left to chance.