Sunday, September 26, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241009.25 || Joint Duty Log || Lt. Grax & Ens Fellos || "Blade & Bees: Part 1"

Lori Sanchez <> wrote to

"Blade & Bees: Part 1"

=/ Somewhere on the USS Charon \=

Jack heard the call to retake the ship. He sat there and looked at the
tricorders and took a deep breath. He left his combadge there to keep
the transmission going and made his way toward an exit grate.

Muttering under his breath, Merl checked the phaser rifle for what
seemed the uptenth time. Point and shoot. If it doesn't work, shoot
again. So much for that. Now all he needed was a target. Actually,
what he needed was a drink. Liberate the mess hall, now there was an
idea. It would have been nice if the funny Romulan engineer hadn't
taken off to kill his own kind with what the Betazoid felt was way too
much good cheer and enthusiasm. Running alone through a ship where
armed and cranky people could wait around any old corner wasn't his
idea of a good day. But ... he jumped when a maintenance hatch was
kicked open and two legs clad in what looked like a Starfleet uniform
emerged. Well, better than the other kind for sure.

Jack looked at him and nodded, "Hi." He was blinking and rather glad
he wasn't dead from being shot on scene at the moment.

Gold collar. And polite enough to greet a person holding a gun. Had to
be an engineer. Well, would have been to much to ask for someone who
could actually fire a phaser and hit what they were aiming at. "Hi to
you, too. Lost your rifle somewhere?"

"I grabbed this instead." Jack reached for the knife.

Merl gave the blade an appraising look and did his best not to rub his
temples "Right. Never mind I asked. So, where's the rest of your
group? Or did you get left behind, too, while everyone else is having
oh so much fun?"

"I was sending a transmission." Jack pulled out the tricorder, "And my
lifesigns are still masked. I can tweak it so it can mask us both."

The Betazoid blinked and finally did a mental somersault, noticing the
man's slightly disheveled look and definitely straightforward
thoughts. None of which involved having been sent out along with one
of the teams currently trying to retake the ship. "Transmission.
Right. I'm not sure I want to ask what and to whom, but I guess it
seemed a good idea at the time."

Looking at the tricorder like , well, a botanist at a mechanical
thing, Merl waved the rifle down the corridor "That might be helpful
for a sneak attack, yes. But I'm a terrible shot and no offense but
your knife won't impress armored Gai'Shian. But mask away, you never
know who might like to sneak up on two lone Feddies."

And then a thought occurred "Say, can you configure that thing to show
us where the Romulans are?"

"I made certain only Federation ships could see it. Captains at that."
Jack smiled, "The other one, I'm sure can." He pulled out the other
tricorder and tapped in something, "There we go." He held the
tricorder for the man to see.

"Fair enough." the Betazoid nodded and then frowned at the many green
lights. Too many. "You wouldn't happen to have an idea how we could
even the odds a bit, would you?"

"That we have on hand currently?" He looked at the tricorder again,
"These guys are in the medical lab." He chuckled a moment, "They've
got some nasty alien bees in there. If we can break the container and
close off that room, those jerks are never going to want to see a lab
again. That's if they live." Jack swallowed and the smile faded.
Horrid killers or not, he didn't like the idea of ending a life.


Jack Fellos, Engineer
Lt Merl Grax, Exobiologist (apb I-Chaya)
USS Charon