Saturday, September 4, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241009.04 || Personal Log || "Fleeting Anticipation" || Ens Morgan

=/\= USS Quantum Fury, Messhall, 2045 hours =/\=

Christopher Morgan sat comfortably in the messhall of the USS Quantum Fury. He took a sip of his Vanluvian spiced tea, his favorite drink when he wanted to feel relaxed and calm. As he drank from his tea he was remembering a pleasant female security officer that he had met on Celes 4, his previous assignment. Morgan had really started to fall head over heels for her. But when he put down his cup and looked at the stars stream by, the memory quickly faded away, and for an instant, only an instant, Morgan felt a shiver of anticipation. Numerous thoughts began to flow into his mind: what would his new assignment on the Charon be like, was he really prepared for his first deep-space mission, who would he meet onboard….


Morgan took a deep breath and let the thoughts flowed out as easily as they had flowed in, and he was relaxed once again. Then he smiled. He was impressed by his mental discipline, despite not having no time to meditate this morning.


Morgan took another sip from his cup of tea. It was still several more days before the rendezvous with the Charon. Morgan decided he could pass the time by seeking out other transfers to the Charon who were onboard. Just this thought of meeting new people, and his energy level was up. After taking one last sip of tea, Morgan stood up, smiled at the Andorians sitting at the table next to him (who made it obvious they were not going to return the gesture), and waved to the bartender.


Morgan knew he shouldn't be so excited just before bed, but he also knew his meditation would calm him. He made his way back to his quarters thinking about all the different personalities that were bound to be onboard the Charon.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Christopher Morgan, Psy.D
Chief Counselor 
USS Charon