Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241009.15 || Duty Log || "Not Today" || Jack Fellos

Lori Sanchez <> wrote to

"Not Today"

=/ Somewhere in the Jeffries's Tubes, USS Charon \=

Jack was back where he had started his transmission. It was continuing
and according to his masking tricorder, neither he nor the
transmission had yet been detected. That he could see. For all he knew
they could have masked that they discovered his masking.

For now, he took what he could see. That's all he had at the moment:
What he could see. And he couldn't see much. The dark tunnels were an
apt atmosphere for their situation. The ship had been invaded and
violated. She was infested with an unwanted presence.

It was then that he was glad that Callah hadn't come with him. His
hands fisted up at the mere, vague idea of what they might do to her.
Then he realized what they possibly had done, will do. What they were
doing that he does know of. They were killing people: Without mercy
and without remorse.

This was a time when people discovered their true gruff. Those who
cowered should not be shamed for some are not meant for such times as
this. However, others were meant for this test and trial in time. They
were meant to be pushed down by adversaries and asked to prove their
worth to life. They were there to choose to push up and back asking
their captors to then prove their own worth to life, knowing the
adversaries acted in a way denying them that right. They were meant to
be here in this time and place so someone would stare death in the
face and shout with confidence, "Not today!"

Among the stars,
Waiting for the light.
Fear within bated breath;
A scent relished by captors,
Knowing they won their prize,
Honorless as obtained.
Courage rises up.
Bravery cries freedom.
Break forth from tunnels,
Deep in the homeprison!
Crush those oppressors!
Make them bow in defeat.
Be pressed into strength
By their oppression.


Jack Fellos, II
Engineer, USS Charon