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[USS Charon] SD241009.18 || Backlog || "Meeting Death" (npcs)

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"Meeting Death"
OOC: Overlapping with the log where Jade and Brent come save the
people at the airlock.

=/ Airlock Queue \=

"Oh, hello Death! Me? Little ol' me? Whatever for? I'm what, 25? Just
a few months from a promotion. How do I know? Oh, I can feel it! I'm
been doing a great job and my superiors are getting that look. I can
just tell that the next time I'm called to their office, I'll be
getting new pips."

One of the guards poked Jonathan, telling him to be quiet. But
Jonathan was already out of his mind. He knew what was coming. He knew
there was no escape.

"You really think I should die instead? I respectfully disagree sir.
See, I've got lots left to do here. Susan told me last night that
we're expecting a little one. I'm going to be a father. I'm going to
watch my child grow up... You disagree? I have no say?"

He was poked again and somehow snapped out of it. He was next. There
was no one before him that would go out to the airlock for a most
miserable death. He would soon meet death and be led out of this
world. Led away from his love and his yet to be born child. The child
who would grow up without his father.

He muttered a brief prayer that she would find new love and a new man
to help raise his child. He couldn't stop this fate. This was his to
take now. It was forced upon him without question and without option.

But he would fight. He would NOT leave his wife and child like a
coward begging for his life. He would not disgrace them. He would give
an honorable story to tell his child. He made a brave move. He would
die fighting death. He would not go silently into the light.

The light nearly blinded him. When it all cleared and he looked
around, he saw dead Gai'Shian on the ground. He then looked back and
saw the other two officers behind him. One he recognized. Jenna worked
in the lab on the same shift. She was a small woman and he was sure
she was scared out of her mind.

They looked about as disoriented as he did. Jenna started to whimper,
but the other man, a lieutenant junior grade smiled, "Well, let's not
just stand here! Looks like there's a battle and we best jump in! Our
lives were saved and we better pay it back! Grab a gun from a sorry
son of a bitch and let's save more lives!"

Jonathan nodded and hoped the gold of the man's uniform meant he was
in Security. Jon picked up a gun, looking rather confused as to the
controls while Jenna put her hands to her face. Jonathan and the
commander just nodded to each other. They'd just do they best they
could to keep her alive. "Lt. Jonathan Michelson."

The other man had an easier time with his gun and nodded, "Lieutenant
junior grade Nikolous Carlson." He put the gun strap around his neck
and pointed to the gun controls for Jon. He looked at Jenna and
whispered to Jon, "Think we should give her one anyway?"

Jon shook his head, "No. But maybe a knife? I found one on that guy."
He nodded toward the one whom he got his gun from.

Jenna looked forlornly at the knife as Nik handed it to her, "No...
No. I can't." She looked at Jonathan, "Tell him I can't."

Jon frowned, "You may have to. Just..." He undid the belt with the
knife holster and moved to put it on Jenna. "Put in there and be ready
to pull it out."

With that, Nik led them down the corridor toward the cargo bay to see
if they could pay it forward by saving lives as theirs had been saved.


Ens. Jonathan Michelson, Science Officer
Ens. Jenna Niel, Science Officer
Lt. (jg) Nikolous Carlson, Security Officer
USS Charon
(npcs dakabn aka Jack Fellos)