Monday, September 6, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241009.06 - Memento Mori Plot Log "Mors tua vita mea" Part II

<<OOC: Okay everyone- retake the ship...take back your departmental sections :P>>

Mors tua vita mea Part II

Look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under it. - Shakespear's Macbeth

[USS Charon, Cargo Bay]

tr'Jidakei slipped his finger on and off the disruptor's trigger as he kept a tired watch over the crew of the Charon.  Such dull specimens they were.  Humans were supposed to be clever and dangerous- these targets were disappointing.   The young Gai'Shian wondered if a batch of Klingons would prove more interesting. He sighed hoping one would try to get up and run out- he had left the cargo bay door open hoping to entice a few brave souls to attempt an escape- so far only one had.  How boring- he sighed and pointed his weapon at a few of the prisoners and pretended to fire in a childish manner.  The other Gai'Shian watched him with mostly disinterested gazes wondering if he would lose it and randomly shoot one of the lloann'mhrahel.

The group of soldiers immediately stiffened as several lights in the cargo flickered unexpectedly.  tr'Jidakei glanced up at the ceiling and then shrugged and returned to his knife play while the other soldiers whispered to each other.  It was when they heard the whistling sound that tr'Jidakei stood up and held up his knife waving the crude thing into the air.  A  blue light briefly illuminated the metallic walls of the cargo bay- looking down the soldier noticed a small device appear between him and the other soldiers.  As his mind processed the information at a jar-head's speed the device exploded covering the cargo bay in a shield of blinding white light.

When the light subsided and the blackness that encompassed his vision began to fade he found a something- a pale blur standing in front of him "who..." he murmured and then realized it was a woman...  He squinted and the blur coalesced into a single image- a beautiful Rihannsu woman wearing a lloann'mhrahel Galae uniform.   He smirked and swung his dagger towards her throat but he was too slow and clumsy to kill her.  She sidestepped his attack and grabbed hold of his wrist.  A loud snap crackled through the hollow cargo bay as she broke his wrist and rammed him with her shoulder sending him flying into a stack of crates.

It all happened so fast.  The other soldiers were stunned by the sudden appearance of this woman after the flash bang and were caught off-guard when Rihannsu who had accompanied her cut them down.  The woman turned around and smiled at the crowd of shackled crew who appeared shocked and dazed.  "Jolan'tru- did you think I had abandoned you?"  Shiarrael smirked and then turned around hearing tr'Jidakei mouthed the word 'susse-thrai' towards her.  He lifted his hand and the broken thing folded backwards over his arm- when he noticed it he cursed loudly and shouted profanities towards her.  Unmoved Shiarrael's expression became frigid as she walked over to him.  As the crew watched she placed the heel of her boot over his Adams apple "do not interrupt me."  Her tone was callous as she pressed down.  tr'Jidakei coughed and then vomited blood just before his neck made an awkward crunching sound.  His body convulsed for a brief period before going limp.  Shiarrael smiled and looked at the crew "apologies for the unsightliness of my actions.  I apologize if I have offended anyone here.  However- as you can see we are in quite a predicament." 

She kneeled down and picked up the dagger from where it had fallen "we have been captured."  Shiarrael frowned recalling Sakarra's recommendation for surrender- but it has put them in a opportunistic position to stop Itsak.  "I will be forward with so all of you can understand the urgency of this moment.   The Romulan commander, Itsak tr'Sahen, possess technology to create a wormhole to Vulcan and he also possess a sample of the Memento Mori bioweapon...with both tools he plans to eradicate the population of Vulcan.  I cannot allow him to follow through with this genocide- I must retake the ship.  However, I cannot do so alone.  So together, we must retake this ship- but I will warn you.  The soldiers aboard the Charon will kill you- mercy is not an option."  She glanced at the body of tr'Jidakei "but I will not force this course of action upon any of you.  If you wish to remain in the cargo bay- do so.  To those who follow me, I cannot guarantee you will live, we will not win this affair with  a group of cowards."  The Rihannsu who were with her walked around the cargo bay unshackling the crew.

One of the crewmembers stood up, massaged their wrist, and then turned to Shiarrael saluting the Romulan.  Others quickly followed suit and Shiarrael chuckled at the gesture "flattery will get you nowhere."  She smirked and walked over to one of the walls and tapped gently on the communication panel opening up the ship-wide com "This is the Captain- have pride in your ship and faith in your fellow crew.  You have not been abandoned.  Do not allow these invaders to remain aboard any longer.  Do what you must to remove them.  We will...stop them."  The last two words fizzled out over the com causing Shiarrael to look up at the ceiling "they have cut me off" she said rather offended though the tone was thick with annoyed sarcasm.  She twisted around and grinned maliciously "let us retake our ship."

[Aboard IRW Endless Sky]

"We have a problem Hanaj!"  t'Nipon rushed onto the bridge out of breath and flustered "Rehu is gone!"  She grimaced "and her children are missing!"

Hanaj smiled thinly and leaned back in his seat shaking his head "well then, that explains this."

"This?"  Nipon asked confused by the statement.

"This."  Hanaj held up and ISD and then chucked it at the woman who caught it midair and glanced at the screen.  "We lost contact with our forces aboard the Charon fifteen minutes ago."  He sighed and shook his head.

"I will call up a battalion of Gai'Shian from the planet and crush this nuisance."

"No."  Hanaj said sitting up.  "Unfortunately there is no time to deal with this matter.  I have sent enough forces to keep them occupied.  We need to make preparations to begin the final stage of the Vaek'Riov's plan."  He stood up and approached the view screen stopping to admire the piece of construction being completed on the north-east quadrant of the starbase.  They had no time for distractions now "inform the wing to begin preparations.  With the information that has been collected the wormhole will be ready within the hour and we will depart for Vulcan."  Hanaj said while gazing at the structure.  He had secretly had the scientists produce two more Memento Mori delivery platforms- hopefully Itsak would not be too annoyed.  Killing Vulcan should not be left to a single weapon- the opportunity to rid of that deleterious species was just too great leave to a single opportunity...

[To be continued...]