Saturday, September 4, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241009.03 - Memento Mori Plot Log "Mors tua vita mea" Part I

Mors tua vita mea Part I

"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the breeze, The stronger the trees."

[In Orbit of I'Rak Prime]

The teal globe of I'Rak Prime glimmered behind the massive star fortress the locals called Ralaar'laehval or "Sky Shadow" a name earned from the massive shadow it imposed forcefully on the planet's landscape during the day hours.  Hovering in front of the Romulan base were dozens of warbirds and floating between them like a parade of small insects were several smaller tug-ships as they circled towards the Charon.  Resembling the visual symphony of a  group lightning bugs the small ships latched their translucent green beams onto the out of place Starfleet ship and slowly dragged it to one of the Ralaar'laehval's airlocks.

[Aboard Ralaar'laehval]

It was a cold cell.  Shiarrael lazily ran her fingers along the sleek metal before lightly tapping the force field to the consternation of the security guard assigned to oversee her.  Unfortunately, unlike the Gai'Shian, naval security tended to have a few more brain cells nestled between their pointed ears.  Letting out a bored sigh Shiarrael stared through the invisible field at the Romulan woman before kicking her legs back and reclining in the chair.  "You must be greatly honored to be assigned to guard me?  The traitor...such a lofty title I have been given."


"One simple word?"  Shiarrael asked sarcastically shaking her head at the woman who stood safely behind the field "and here I expected you to have a little more vocabulary then a Gai'Shian soldier- though I guess there is not much to be expected from a navy security officer."  She shook her head smacking her lips.

"If you think you will goad me into a confrontation you are terribly mistaken Riov."  She twisted around to fully face Shiarrael "I am not as simple minded as the Gai'Shian."  She smirked at Shiarrael.

"Apparently not."  Shiarrael said with a shrug "but you are just as easily distracted as one."  The guard started to mouth the word 'what?' but before more than a thin puff of breath could leave her lips the heavy end of a disruptor rifle cracked her in the back of the head sending her face careening into the force field.  The field fizzled brightly for a moment before the guard bounced off and crashed onto the deck.  "Impressive."  Shiarrael stated and pointed at the field "now if you could just..." it fizzled again and then dropped out allowing Shiarrael to step outside.  She glanced down at the unconscious woman and removed the guard's sidearm "I will return this later- with interest, I assure you."  She grinned and then faced her rescuer "Jolan'tru- where do I recognize your face?"

"My father's perhaps?"  The young man said lowering his rifle.  He wore the uniform of Itsak's fleet but Shiarrael could tell there was something familiar about him "I am erie'Arrain tr'Hamli- you rescued my father over forty years ago during the Dominion War- and he served with you aboard the Ishae'Thrai."

Shiarrael nearly gasped as she stared at him.  The last time she saw him he was...she held her hand just below her waist "when I last saw you, you were this tall!  Ankur, yes?  How is your father.  It has been long since I have seen him."

"Dead unfortunately."  Hamli said- but his face wasn't filled with sadness, only pride "he died last year during the war.  However, he would have been truly aghast if he knew what was done to you!  I am here to fulfill my family's Mnhei'sahe.  We are, and always will be, loyal to Riov t'Rehu."  He bowed his head at her.  The men with him all nodded their heads "many of us side with you- others simply side against the Vaek'Riov.  However, together we will help you.  This madness must end.  Lead us."

"Lead you?"  Shiarrael asked staring at all of them a bit baffled.  Five years ago they would be the very same officers running for their lives away from her.  She smiled bitterly and shook her head "I cannot- Itsak has my children.  I will not  do anything that will endanger them."

"He no longer does."  Ankur said with a mischievous grin  "one of the men with us- a Tal'Diann officer found them and offered to retrieve them while we retrieved you.  He informed us shortly before we arrived here that he had them secured away.  So, no, he does not have your children any longer lady Rehu."

"Indeed."  Shiarrael remarked slightly stunned.  How could Itsak allow such prized possessions to easily slip his grasp?  Ael and Nnoil were her greatest and only weaknesses...what was her cousin doing?  She would have never made such a serious mistake.  "Where is my ship?"

"It is docked- however they activated a transport inhibitor field around it.  It seems certain elements of your crew have been actively rebelling against them.  Unfortunately this means to reach it we will have to physically board it..."

"Good.  Let's g-"  She paused hearing the sizzle of a disruptor bolt burning through the air.  Just as she twisted around she saw Ankur get hit in the chest by the hot green charge.  He immediately collapsed to the deck writhing as more green bolts rained upon them.  Through the throng of falling Rihannsu she could see the wide smirk of Itsak's security chief aiming a disruptor pistol at her.  Her heart stopped for a split second as his finger started to squeeze the trigger- but instead of firing his eyes widened intensely.  He attempted to twist his head around but instead vomited a handful of blood and collapsed.  Standing behind him was another familiar face: Khiy Kanryth.

As suddenly as it had started the firing stopped as the Romulan security officers that had accompanied the security chief toppled over one by one.  Khiy, who was wearing a Romulan naval uniform sheathed his Kaleh and walked next to Shiarrael "you attract too much trouble."  He stated nonchalantly and kneeled down running his fingers along the Ankur's wound "superficial- you will survive."  He said and looked back at Shiarrael "however we must hurry and retake Charon.  A Tal'Shiar led fleet will arrive momentarily.  Certainly they would enjoy toying with the Charon."

Thing were getting more and more complicated.  It was times like these that made Shiarrael regret getting out of bed in the morning.  "Let us hurry then.  Why are you here?"

"We were ordered to bring you a fresh supply of personnel- but they are presently attempting to clear all the Gai'Shian blocking the airlock to Charon.  Hopefully they will all survive- well, except for one certain woman..."

[To be continued...]