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=/\= Paris, Earth =/\=

"Ladies, gentleman, and all other sentient beings, this is Tom Brucker reporting for the Federation News Network live from Paris, Earth, where the election polls have finally been closed for several days now, but voting results from around the Federation have been tallied nonstop by the Federation Council's assigned counters, with heavy security preventing any early and possibly misleading leaks as to who may or may not be in the lead, which have led to problems in the past months requiring several recounts, each with increasing levels of security over the process. However, we have been told that the Council is prepared to announce the victorious candidate. In the next few moments, we will discover who the next President of the Federation will be, the first elected President in office in nearly 3 years ever since that dark day on Utopia Planetia with the loss of President Stan Carter along with many of the prominent leaders of the Federation Council and station staff.

"In attendance at this announcement is current President, Catherine Bedford, and her Vice President, retired Admiral Harold Malone, who assumed the office and led the Federation through the 2nd Dominion War. Though the war was victorious, there has been an undeniable political backlash for the pair as one political analyst referred to President Bedford as a Wartime President in a Rebuilding Era. It's been speculated that this veil prompted neither to make a run for the office in these elections.

"That decision, as many of you know, opened up the field in an unprecedented array of varied candidates in a campaign free-for-all as established by Councilor T'Pal in her confirmation of the question of if 'any farmer from the outbacks of Federation Space can run for office.' There were, of course no candidates who were approved by the Council who matched that particular description, but the field was opened to a number of verified candidates who may not have normally have made the attempt.

"Most prominent are two candidates who are awaiting the announcement in their respective home fields. President Ahel Barat of Bolias, from his current office on Bolias, and retired Admiral Morgana Kanryth from her mobile office aboard the USS Jupiter, currently in orbit of Alphosa which announced it's support of the former senior member of Starfleet very early in the campaign.

"While both President Barat and Admiral Kanryth have been the heavy favorites since the beginning, the last week saw a surge from a number of outer sectors and even a few core systems leaning toward the other candidates. Tellar was reported as having Councilor Velim Kaznali of Zakdorn in the lead, while a number of systems in the Bajor and Trill sectors have shown Alazera Prim of Trill as a heavy favorite. Most striking, however, is the dark horse candidate of Shal Vora, an noted Andorian leader whose primary occupation for the past 40 years has been in orbital construction and resource management for several major star systems, allowing him to promote his candidacy without the same coverage that the other candidates seemed to have garnered. Shal Vora's numbers have been reported as being on a steady rise since he appeared in the race.

"Wait, the Council doors have opened, and... yes, here comes Councilor Aniri of Andoria and Councilor T'Pal of Vulcan, followed by several of the committee leaders. Let's listen in."

"Good morning," Aniri began as she stepped up to the podium. "For several months, the citizens of the Federation and the governments of our neighboring empires have waited for a final result of this unusual election for the office of the President of the United Federation of Planets. An unparalleled number of qualified candidates put forth their names for consideration, and as such we have taken a number of measures to ensure that you, the citizens, are granted your chosen candidate. I would like to thank Councilor T'Pal for her ceaseless dedication in this matter.

"We are prepared to report the victor of the election, but first I would like to congratulate all of the candidates on their campaigns and for their efforts in raising and discussing pertinent issues. My fellow citizens, the next President of the Federation has been decided, and the people have chose Shal Vora of Andoria to lead them."

The crowd in the room erupted as members of the press corps immediately began to bombard the Councilor with questions.

= Private Starliner Al'shan, orbit of Andoria =

"I can't believe it... I just can't believe it," Tura said, watching the monitor as Councilor T'Pal stepped up to field the array of questions. "We... won..."

In his chair, Shal Vora rested his head comfortably on the head, his antennae flexing in anxiety, but his face was that of relaxed calm. It was the Andorian equivalent of wearing his feelings on his sleeves, as humans said, but for most non-Andorians, they did not know enough to see past his facial expressions. That had helped considerably.

"Did you think I got in it just to lose, Tura?" he asked his campaign advisor, who had worked for the Carter administration as an aide years ago. Shal liked the youth, the optimism of Tura. She truly believed in the Federation ideal. A reminder to Shal what he had to work toward.

"Well, no, but- Against Barat and Kanryth? How did we manage that?" she shook her head.

"Democracy in action," Shal smiled warmly. "I've spent most of my life bettering the worlds of the Federation in small ways, taken largely for granted. Even helped the Vulcans with upgrading their shipbuilding equipment," he added, a subtle note to the historic animosity between Vulcan and Andoria, now staunch allies but still no denying the history between them. "I'm not a household name, persay, but I'm a builder. Not a political agent, not a soldier, not a scholar. I'm like them," he said, motioning to the monitor as he stood up and approached, but he meant the people of the Federation. "I work for a living, and I spend my days building a future for the next generation. Perhaps I struck a chord to the citizens a bit more than anyone expected."

Tura nodded, rubbing her nose ridges, still finding it surreal. She admitted, a large part of her felt a pang of disloyalty for joining Shal's campaign when she had initially favored Alazera Prim, but she had come to Shal for much of the reasons he had just listed. He was a builder, and there was something inherently honest about someone who built things. "Well, I have to admit, Mr. President-elect," she said, saying that for the first time and finding it suited her tongue very well, "I didn't expect it to get used, but I suppose it's a good thing I wrote your acceptance speech."

Shal Vora smiled. "Indeed, as much a good thing that I actually read it. I was worried I might be jinxing myself." He tapped the monitor controls and looked at the reflection of the blank, black screen to try to adjust his suit, but Tura took over and did it for him. "Any advice from my intended Chief of Staff?" he asked.

"Just one," she answered, brushing out a crease in his jacket and stepping back, nodding as he did look like someone who could be President. "Show them how excited you are. Give them a sign that you're proud to be here, and to be there for them."

A wide grin appeared on Shal's face, his antennae still flexing anxiously. "I think I can manage that."

"Then it's time you greeted the Federation as it's President-elect, sir," Tura said, saying a silent prayer of thank you to the Prophets for this opportunity to make a difference.

= End Log =

Shal Vora of Andoria (NPC apb - Auryn)
United Federation of Planets

Tura D'nes (NPC apb - Auryn)
Campaign Manager
"Shal Vora for President"

Tom Brucker (NPC apb - Auryn)
Federation News Network

<<All other candidates and Councilors as noted from the Election Plot earlier this year, credit to the participants of those logs for the character creations. - Auryn>>