Sunday, August 15, 2010

[USS Charon] [USS Quantum Fury] SD241008.15 - "Frigid exercise" - Khiy Kanryth, Aria Falcon, & Robert Lansine

[USS Quantun Fury | Holodeck]

A thin flake of white snow lofted downward landing on Khiy's nose and then melted as he exhaled sending a breath of vapor mist into the dark cold sky.  He looked up and studied the dozen or so ice spires that pierced violently upward like jagged spears.  Behind those frozen spires and dominating the horizon was the gas Giant Andor- its blue glow sparkled and reflected of off the frozen landscape making the frigid environment seem even colder.   

The arena itself was a frozen ice sculpture.   Apparently carved out of one of those larger spires.  The floor of the arena was covered in a dusting of snow while the stands were packed with spectators- all of whom were dressed heavily.  Khiy wondered if this scenery was simple imagination or a location that actually existed.  In either case the scenery was nothing short of spectacular.

To Aria, the snowy chill had a burning sensation, tormenting the unshielded flesh of her face.  The air, cold, desolate, unforgiving and full of malicious freeze enveloped her form, exciting her.

There she stood, belt pulled firm, boots tied loose, shirt tight, secure.  Her wrists and hands covered in snow-white wraps.  Her hair was tied back.  Her stance was loose, bouncing on her feet, never rigid, most definitely not in this weather.

From the spectator the cold was nothing more than a nuisance. Half a year in a hot desert climate had stolen any tolerance he had to such temperatures; he was debating whether or not to return to his quarters and fetch a warmer jacket but he couldn't risk missing out on one minute of what was about to unfold.

Khiy stood up as the announcer gave notice that the match would begin shortly.  Standing next to him Onarin seemed completely out of his element.  He guessed the reptilian-relative wasn't much for the cold.  Stretching out his arms he pulled off his jacket revealing a sleeveless undershirt- his eyes focused on Aria as he stepped onto the cold arena.

Aria was used to her opponents being bigger than her, slower than her, hell even stronger than her.  The name of her game had always been attrition but this guy was smaller than her; maybe even weighed less.

This fight would be very different from the ones she was used to.  It begged new tactics and a different mindset; more than ever she would have to keep that hate in check.  She rolled her neck, losening the muscles, cracking the bones, blinked, "Ready?"

Khiy simply nodded his head and took a step forward bracing his feet against the soft snow.  The simulated and non simulated crowd began to cheer loudly- if the arena were not simulated Khiy may have wondered if those pillars of ice would shatter from the sheer volume.

Rob was shivering in the stands; rethinking his attendance to this event. Noise and freezing temperatures were not known to cause much delight in him.

The soldier's fists balled tight.  Her hits would have to count for a lot, she knew, because he wouldn't get to land a hit as often as she would with a larger opponent.  Knees bent, trying to keep everything loose, easily movable.

She wanted him to come to her, as she walked larger fighters to do with her, but reasoned that the Romulan would not start the fight.  Start with something light, she thought.  Test the water.  Her move was fast, a simple feign kick went ahead of her elbow intent on connecting with the creatures face.

She moved quickly but Khiy remained relaxed as she went for him.  He watched her with intensity studying her every movement- from her eyes to the muscles that lined her form.  Just before she reached him he twisted and slid behind her.  His momentum carried him further than anticipated in the snow forcing him to dig his hands into the prickly coldness to stop himself. 

Aria swore under her breath when her opponent disappeared.  Damn it, this was exactly what she was afraid of.  A quick turn to face her opponent, she sucked in a gasp of cold air, feeling the chill invade her lungs.

Heat swelled within her.  It was anger, igniting with the cold to fuel her drive.  Sprint, each foot fall crunching into the snow, hopping with her forward foot, kicking a screen of snow up with the back, she swung her arm in a horizontal arc for the frame mans neck.

Khiy let out a heavy breath as the woman charged again- the mist escaped his lips just in time to be pushed back by the veil of snow Aria had kicked up.  But she wasn't only one who could find it an advantage.  He closed a tight grip around the snow supporting his palm and then pitched it through the veil towards her face- his eyes caught her blurred figure just in time to dodge the death blow- barely.  As he fell backwards he leveled a kick towards her kneecap.

Had there been concessions Rob would have indulged himself. The fight was turning out to be more exciting than he had first assumed; the combatants seemed to be of equal skill.

Tears melted away the snow from her eyes and she brought a wrist up to wipe everything away.  No, she was not going to do something like that a third time.  Another deep, cold breath cooled the rage deep within.  She calmed herself and took a defensive stance.

The crowd leapt to their feet and 'ooed' and 'awed' as the Romulan laid the first real blow of the fight. Rob could see the pain in Aria's eyes as she stood back up. That woman was a fighter--he liked that.

Khiy felt a dull ache emanating from his hip as he stood up and dusted the snow off his hands.  Looking at Aria he waited until he realized she wasn't going to move- it was his turn to go on the offensive.  He studied her for a moment and then eyed the layout of their surroundings.  Finally after some consideration he decided on his next move and kneeled down spreading his legs out.  He let out a deep breath and then sprinted- fast.  Closing the distance between them almost instantly- however just before he reached her Khiy shifted and leapt up onto the railing that lined periphery of the arena.  When his foot touched metal he twisted around and pushed off going for a sideways attack- his fist aimed at her right cheek.

The smaller creature that collided with her was not soft or spongy at all, so it hurt; it hurt really bad.  The fall wasn't any better as she wrapped her arms around the mans small frame in a bear hug, the two crashed to the floor, the snow doing nothing to cushion the impact with the ice, the pair rolling several feet across it.

Aria held on tight.  She had him and was not about to let go.  One hand had a vice grip on the Romulan's bicept, the other cranked back for a thrust at his head.

Khiy was startled and before he could react he found himself trapped.  He tried to push away but her grip was too tight- and then he heard it, everyone heard.  A pop sound- a strange crackling sensations reverberated through him- and then another, and another- Khiy felt a wave of pain ripple through him.  Cocking his head back he tried to groan but only blood and saliva exited his mouth.

The woman was shaking, shivering, tremors cascading through her body but it had nothing to do with the cold.  The cold did, however, temper the rage inside her, acted as a whisper all around her.  She heard it with the swish of her fist as it sailed through the air.  She heard it in the gasps of the audience.  She heard it in the back of her head.  Stop.

She rolled him off of her, choking for breath.  She hadn't sucked in any air since they landed on the ice; she hadn't thought to, mind was consumed with other tasks.  Her heart began to still and the first pangs of pain lanced through her from head to toe.

"Captain" Several of the people shouted and leapt over the railing to check on Khiy.  The ship's chief medical officer was the first on scene- she wore quite the sour look as she ran a tricorder over him "damn lucky you only broke ribs- one has punctured your lung though- I WARNED you."  She frowned tapped her combadge looking at Aria "you win Colonel."

Several of the marines in turn rushed over to their commander.  They all wore worried looks on their faces.  Maines, the team's combat physician, was rushing and paid for it with a fall on the ice, sliding over to her.

"Wow," he said, eyes wide as he took the Colonel's readings.  "You paid for that in're messed up, Colonel.  But yeah, you won."

Aria shook, with the adrenaline gone, not moving she now shivered from the cold.  Running stiff fingers through her wet hair, undone at some unnoticed point in the short fight, she smirked up at her doctor.  "I imagine I won't look like I won tomorrow."

The doctor dematerialized with Khiy and the rest of the crowd dispersed- some commenting about their winnings, others about losses.  In the far corner of the arena Onarin approached Aria wearing a smug look "The Captain's not too shabby- frail as he looks though.  Tis a pity.  Thanks for the win though.  I'm going to be hitting the dabo tables next time we're in spacedock-  I got plenty of latinum this time."

Aria didn't say a thing to the Cardassian.  Not with words anyway.  She pushed herself up onto her elbows, grimacing from the pain, eyes teared slightly.  Sucking in a breath, she exhailed, lifting her arm up she flipped Onarin the bird.

The Cardassian smiled and left.


Commander Khiy Kanryth
Commanding Officer
USS Quantum Fury


Colonel Aria Falcon
Marine Chick
USS Charon


Lieutenant Robert Lansine
Strategic Operations
USS Charon