Sunday, August 22, 2010

[USS Charon] Sd.241008.22 // Joint Log // LtJG Anderson & Crwn Davis - "Check Me Up Doc!"

... Begin Joint Log ...

Sam slipped into sickbay with her usual 'nobody notice me' stride and posture. She was due for a checkup, and after the last few days, she really didn't mind. It had been an uncomfortable experience, but she was eager to make sure it
really did mean that she was getting healthier.
Auden was ruminging through Charon medical records. He had been kind enough to take on a shift for one the doctors onboard the Quantum Fury and since it was slow thought it best to be productive with his time. Looking up he saw a familiar face, 'Finally! Someone to speak with!' He rose up from the desk he was working at and being the only doctor on at the moment rushed over to the Crewman. "AH! Crewman. What can I do you today?"

Sam smiled, pleased to see it was someone she knew, if only a little bit. "Hello" she pushed a lock of hair behind
her ear, and hopped onto a bio bed. "I'm due for a checkup, if you aren't busy?" She blushed, realizing that she
should have asked that before just hopping up on the bed, regardless of what his original tone and exclamation
may have inferred.

"So. You're making me work then?" Auden had reviewed Sam's record earlier, it certainly explained things. He wouldn't bring anything up directly, this was not his way. He pulled out his tricorder and ran some routine biological scans, humming a little tune. "How have you been feeling in general? Anything out of the ordinary?"

She was about to apologize, but then realized he was joking. She blushed slightly, then explained her recent
menstruation. "I feel ok though. Sometimes still tired."

Auden felt bad for her, he often pitied the female sex for having to endure such a horrible but natural physical cycle. "That's to be expected, especially since this is a new thing for you." He offered her a comforting smile. "I can give you something to take with you for the cramping. We may want to look at regulating your cycle too." He moved over to a nearby medical station and tapped a few of the controls, bringing up a detailed list of Sam's medical records. "Overall I must say you're doing quite well. I would like to run some bloodwork though. You okay with that?"

Sam nodded. She'd had her blood drawn to many times to remember since she'd been rescued. It wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't painful either. "That's ok." She offered him her left arm. "Can I start exercising?" She asked. Yes, she still got tired, but she had seen various activities that she was eager to try, and everybody seemed to enjoy it. She wanted to fit in.

Auden drew blood using a variation of a hypo-spray. It took only a moment. He moved over and placed the tube into the analyzer. The results popped up on the screen and he frowned. "Blood work never lies Sam." He looked at her sternly, "You're liver enzymes are still higher than I would like. Nothing to be concerned about it just means your diet is still not where it should be." He moved over and sat beside her on the bed. "I'm not going to tell you no in terms of exercising but to just keep it light. I am going to contact your dietitian and see about adjusting your diet."

Sam frowned a bit. "I've been eating. It's just always so much." Then she paused. "I have a dietitian?"

Auden nodded. "You do. Back on Earth. Although once we get to Charon it will no longer be practical in consulting her." Auden thought for a moment. "I will most likely take over her duties. I do not specialize in diet-treatments but with a little research I should be able to handle it." He hopped off the bed and moved over to the control panel, closing off Sam's medical records. "Anyways. Everything else checks out. Just remember not to take it too hard if you decide to start exercising." He walked across the room and over to a medical replicator. Pressing the controls he brought up a menu of menstruation medications and replicated a pain supplement.

"Here is your cramping medication." He passed the hypo-spray. "Just take it before going to bed."

She nodded and gave him a small smile. "Thank You."

"My pleasure. Now. You make sure to keep eating properly and do not overexert yourself. We're done here." He offered her one last smile before moving off to complete the checkup paperwork.

... End Joint Log ...

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Auden Anderson, MD

Medical Officer

Uss Charon



Samantha Davis


Uss Charon