Tuesday, August 3, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241008.03 Duty Log Acting 1Lt Warren

"Fire in the hole!" the three marines pulled back behind cover just before the frame charge blew the door off and into the adjacent room.  Two concussion grenades followed the door, blinding anyone not wearing proper armor or headgear.  Less than three seconds after the grenades detonated three marines followed in.  The burst of pulse rifle fire signified that they had found the three targets behind their makeshift barricade.

Brent clicked the stopwatch off, looking down on the scene from his vantage point.  "Eight seconds from breech to neutralization.  Told you boys you could shave some time off with a better charge," he said smirking down at his marines who were patting themselves on the back.  "Like I told you!  Starfleet does not want you wasting its precious material.  They need it to build more starships to explore nebula and supernova suns," he said waving off in the direction that the star was at outside of the ship.  "And to get blown up because their officers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground," the Lieutenant said adding in a little bit of humor.  "Proper sized charge blew the door off into the room, providing a entrance and you still have plenty left over in your kit for another two to three more just like it."

"Gunny get these men ready for the next test," Brent said before he walked over to another portion of the test.  He could see all four 'pits' as the men called them.  They were practicing their urban warfare this time around.  One never knew when it might come in handy.  "No!" Brent called out.  "Scan first then prime a grenade THEN you toss it.  No tossing a grenade first and then asking questions.  Watch for the signs that they might be hiding weapons.  If they aren't or its shielded, prime a grenade and THEN toss it," Brent called down to a squad of 12 men who had just in actually achieved kills on angels on the battlefield.  "Sergeant you and your men will repeat that exercise making SURE to follow procedure to avoid additional battlefield casualties."

Everything would go according to the numbers here.  The men would need to know how to do this in their sleep, like it was second nature.  No reminders no second guessing what was happening.  Battle never went according to plan.  It was the job of his sergeants and Brent himself to adapt to the changing battlefield and to capture objectives and to neutralize the enemy.  "Second Squad!  Enemy on your flank!  Adapt and take that building now!" the Lieutenant called out to the men below him and to his right.  Three marines immediately dropped down and began applying covering fire, while the others acellerated their timetable, getting into the building in record time, with the final three marine falling back as the others gave cover from inside the building itself.

Not a bad start.  But the most fun was yet to come...

Acting First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander