Monday, August 23, 2010

[USS Charon] SD240810.22 - Slight Backlog "Captain's Folly" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu & Itsak tr'Sahen

[USS Charon]

Hands draped behind her back Shiarrael was forcefully marched towards the turbolift escorted by at least a dozen well armed Gai'Shian.  Her eyes disdainfully  looked back at the Gai'Shian soldier rudely pressing the nozzle of his rifle into her back.  "There was a time when I could have ordered your heads lopped off for such rudeness."  She gritted her teeth and muttered "disgusting peasants."  The insult seemed to hit its mark.  One of the soldiers in front of her stopped causing the entire column to come to a halt.  He turned around- his ugly scar ridden face wearing a primitive smirk as he reached out to touch Shiarrael's cheek.

"How can a traitor order anything?"  He chuckled and the other men followed suit "you have such a big mouth for such a little creature- though you are quite beautiful Captain Rehu.  Maybe lord Itsak will be kind enough to grant us a sample of your nobility?"

Sickening.  Shiarrael thought as she felt his hands touch her cheek- though she was about to get the last laugh.  Suddenly a cloud of green mist enveloped the space between them.  The Gai'Shian soldier looked down to find a massive hole in his chest.  He looked back up at Shiarrael as the life drained out of his eyes.  She smiled and pointed at the holster where his disruptor pistol should have been- it was fortunate that Gai'Shian tended to be undisciplined creatures.  As he collapsed in a heap of his own blood she twisted around, pressed the nozzle of the pistol into the forehead of the soldier behind her, and pulled the trigger.  Another cloud of green mist enveloped the corridor but this time Shiarrael grabbed the falling corpse and turned using her momentum to hurl it into the soldiers in front of her.  As they lifted their weapons to kill her they were knocked onto the deck by the body.  She quickly shot one of the other shoulders in the knee cap before leaping across the fallen soldiers and diving into the open lift.  Quickly pressing her body against the left wall she manually closed the door as green bolts sizzled past her painting the back of the lift a charred black.  With a deep sigh she stood up- studied her situation and then pulled open the bottom hatch and dropped down grabbing hold of the maintenance ladder- it took her a few seconds to scale the few feet to the next level and pry the door open.

It seemed most of the Gai'Shian were concentrated in the Charon's most vital locations.  She found no opposition as she made her way towards her quarters.  As soon as she was inside she hurried to her bedroom closet where she pulled out a small chest.  Snapping the locks off she opened it revealing her old Galae issued weapon.  Though it was basically standard the pistol grip had been customized for her.  Slipping the combat belt around her waist she picked up the pistol and slipped it into the holster.  Standing up she tossed the Gai'Shian trash of a weapon aside and stepped back into the living room where she approached the mantle grabbing her honor blade attaching it's scabbard to the belt.  The sounds of footsteps outside of her door caught her attention.  As the doors opened she moved behind her couch and waited.

"Shiarrael.  We know you are here.  Do not be a rude host and waste my time."  Itsak's voice echoed through the darkness and Shiarrael stood up and pointed her weapon at him and then felt her finger tremble  against the trigger.  In his arms Nnoil looked at her wide eyed "now, that is quite dangerous.  You shouldn't point your weapons at your own child!"  He smirked as Hanaj casually walked past him towards her.

"I will kill you Itsak.  Rest assured."  Her eyes glimmered as Hanaj stepped in front of her and reached out grabbing the disruptor from her hand and gently pried it from her grasp.  Once the cold metal faded from her finger tips Hanaj backhanded her violently sending Shiarrael careening backwards through one of the tables.  Landing on the floor she looked up at the servant wearing a feral look.  He simply spat at her feet.

"Do not speak to the Vaek'Riov so familiarly traitor."  He returned to Itsak's side and took the crying child from him while handing her cousin the weapon to inspect.  Itsak studied the weapon and slowly approached her kneeling down when he neared.  "Do not be difficult Shiarrael.  I have no interest in harming you- or a majority of your crew.  However, I do have certain things I need and I will take them if I must."  He studied the weapon "I see you've kept your service weapon.  How nostalgic this must be for you- after I destroy Vulcan I can make you EnRiov- put you in charge of the Earth invasion fleet.  There has never been any doubt about your strategic prowess.  You could benefit greatly from helping me Shiarrael."

"Benefit?"  Shiarrael said glaring at him "mnhei'sahe may not have any meaning for you or the other fools in the Galae- but it has meaning for me.  I will not help you with this ridiculous endeavor.  Destroy Vulcan?  You have always been a dreamer Itsak.  The Tal'Shiar will never let you get away with what you have done.  Even if by some miracle you do succeed they will still cut you down for your treachery.  What do you hope to accomplish?  Release me and my crew- do not drag us into your deathbed."

Itsak scowled and stood up "seize her!"  He shouted causing several naval security personnel to storm in and grab her.  "You dragged yourself into my deathbed Shiarrael.  You allowed yourself to be fooled and used by the Vulcans.  Don't you finally see what I have been saying all along?  The Vulcans can never be trusted- they have been working to destroy the Empire since they discovered us!  We cannot allow them anymore opportunities- this weapon will be their own undoing and the irony seal their justice."  He smiled "I will keep you aboard Endless Sky until this matter is settled.  Your kids will remain with me- remember that before you decide to kill any more of my soldiers."  Itsak walked towards the widows in her quarters facing the Endless Sky and gazed at his ship as the soldiers dragged Shiarrael out.