Sunday, August 22, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241008.20 || "By Memory's Tempest" || Miranda Xavier

==/\== Deck 4, Near Crew Quarters ==/\==
Miranda pulled off the black gloves that covered most of her forearm and rolled them up, and slapping them down in her left hand. Retrieving the collapsed fan held between her right arm and her torso she continued down the hallway to her quarters, still in a rather extravagant black party gown that created a hoop around her legs. An unusual attire in this century, Miranda had brought this dress on the Charon for her occasional reliving of parties she had attended a few years ago. Not to mention this garment worked perfectly for any very formal event or gala, not to mention she still had the matching mask for any masquerade balls.
Rounding the corner Miranda almost failed to notice the four Gai'shan shock troopers materializing 20 meters in front of her. Her eyes widening, Miranda stood there for a moment before ducking behind a corner and catching her breath in the wake of her discovery. Surely the alarms should have gone off by now? And what about the red alert klaxons? Something was amiss here, something in the play out of this scenario did not add up to Miranda, but regardless the scenario was this, the Charon had been boarded by god knew how many pointy eared self righteous bastards, the alarms hadn't sounded so it was possible they had taken control of the bridge. But then they had not gone off before so Miranda was lead to an infuriating conclusion that Rheu had given up the ship.
"One rule you never break." She muttered harshly to her self. "Never give up the ship!"
No matter though, she would fry Rheu later, now she was faced with a problem. High end ball gowns were not something you fight advanced Romulan troopers with. And the only way back to her quarters was through the Romulan congested hallway.
Pearing around the corner to check on the Romulan's progress, Mirand could no longer see them and cautiously wall hugged as she rounded the corner again. Her gown making rustling noises as she neared the door, Miranda quickly made an acrobatic move into her room and landed on the floor of her quarters. Standing up and releasing the laces on her back, Miranda slipped out of the gown and walked towards her closet while removing her assorted jewelry.
Arriving at her rather large and renovated closet, Miranda shuffled through her various outfits. Arriving at her dedicated cat suit section, which was supposed to be used for simple holodeck danger every week, now fulfilled their true purpose of stealth and protection from combat.
Arrving at a Vree Expeditionary Force Stealth Suit, Miranda smiled as she pulled it off it's hook. "Wait." She muttered as she looked on the back of the suit, remembering a certain energy signature these things give off, Miranda sighed as she realized she would not have time to remove the masterful Vree device and placed it back on the rack. "I should tell Chancelor Bre'accoria about this." Miranda muttered.
At the end of the rack Miranda found a relic of her past. And not a good one....
Peeling the raven black, leathery and scaly El-Aurian cat suit off the rack and running her fingers over the Imperial  Loyalist Factionist Emblem she was forced to remember her actions 500 years ago. One's of evil and malevolence but also of patriotism and heroism from a certain point of view, her past demons that she had been running from for a long time......
Shaking the feelings of and snapping back to her situation at hand, albeit not easily but she was more focused on the fact that she was in a combat zone again and less on her inner demons. Putting the suit on and attaching the utility belt and stacking it with equipment, including four energy grenades that sat on her extreme lower back, an energy grapple, a pair of night vision and combat glasses, a personal light source and binoculars.
Packing a small arsenal on her self, Miranda then turned to weapons which were much easier to choose. She choose her customary, trademark type II phasers from her time on Starbase Vanguard, she had modified them considerably since then and now she would be damned if the Romulans got a hold of them. She slid them into the pistol holsters on her belt and sought a more advanced secondary weapon for her endeavors. Deciding on a light plasma rifle, she slid the small rifle into the larger holster on her back.
Now Miranda was no super solider, she hadn't been in a major fire fight in two years. Sure the holodeck provided refreshers but she was no longer the superhero the arsenal made her out to be. She was a good marksmen, she had good agility, but using it in combat was a whole other world. She'd been to antares flame and back many times but now in the 25th century, her abilities might not been what they once were. She had focused more on her finer and more cultured qualities in life in recent years, hey, she had even bought the chateau she had always dreamed of in Bordeaux.
Never the less she had to try, her duty as a Starfleet officer permitted nothing less, pulling out the miniature arc welder she kept with her, small duty, built for nothing more then cutting through small amounts of bulkheads or slicing off locks. But it should be enough to cut her way through the wall into the jeffries tube that lay just outside her quarters.
==/\==Sometime later==/\==
After finishing off the wall, Miranda leapt into the jeffries tube and started crawling as fast as she could towards some goal. The power relay systems in the bottom decks would make an excellent hiding space. And so would the brig.......
Continuing on her trek Miranda set out, setting out on her quest not to do something stupid and courageous, but something in order to keep her ship, crewmates and her self alive to get back to the Federation. In how many pieces was another matter......
Miranda Xavier
JAG Afloat
USS Charon