Monday, August 2, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241008.02 || Joint Log || "Breakfast In Bed..." || LtJG Anderson & Lt Dexter



Mark awoke, still spooned to Auden. His body betraying his desire. He gently disengaged himself, and headed to the bathroom. Laid his head against the bulkhead and tried to control himself. It did no good and with a muttered curse, Mark took care of the matter himself, cursing again as Auden's name escaped his lips at the moment of climax.


Auden woke up. He felt alone in his bed, the comfort of Mark's embrace was not present. He sat up slowly and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Mark…?"


Mark heard Auden, but couldn't face him at the moment. "He turned on the cold water and cleaned up, splashing his face. "Just a second." He called out, turning off the water and just breathing.


"Okay." Auden laid himself back down and stretched. There was an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach, maybe it was the fact he had embarrassed himself as much as he could have the evening before? There was no doubt in his mind however; he had enjoyed Mark's company both emotionally and physically. Auden lowered the comforter and played with a little patch a chub on his abdomen. He was jealous of Mark and how well toned he was, Auden was much smaller than him in comparison.


Mark stepped into the sonics, gathering control of himself. Once done, he wrapped a towel around his waist and headed out into their shared room. He went to the small dresser next to his bed and started pawing around. "So, did you sleep alright?"


Auden watched Mark. He licked his lips at the sight of this beautiful man in front of him. He also moaned slightly, he wanted Mark back in bed with him, how could he have become attached so quickly? "I did Mark… Thank you…" Auden thought for a moment before continuing, "I'm sorry I kept you up so long. I hope you managed to get some sleep too."


Mark started dressing, forced himself not to react to the quiet moan. "You're welcome, like I said, not a problem, and I slept fine. I don't really need much sleep." Mark finally looked over and smiled. The man's sleep ruffled hair and appearance was not only sexy but endearing.


"That's a good thing I guess." Auden was still tired; he felt it was going to be one of those days where he just stayed in bed. He looked Mark straight in his eyes and shot him an innocent but wicked smile, "Do you have somewhere to be?"


Mark couldn't help but to smile back. "No, there's not much need for a crytologist slash linguist while getting taxi'd. Did you have something in mind?"


Auden gave Mark the flirtiest look he could muster. "Well. I'm kind of hungry. Do you think you'd be up for breakfast… In bed?" He thought this was a perfect way to get Mark close to him once more. He wanted more, any gay man would be insane not to let Mark ravage them but there were emotional blocks he still had to get through. Auden wished there was a way to put it into words for him, maybe there was if he tried hard enough.


Mark knew he probably shouldn't accept. He was attracted to Auden, that much was obvious, but just as obvious was that the man was not ready for a physical relationship. 'Control yourself' He told himself, then returned the smile. "Sure, what would you like?" He asked, heading to the replicator"


Auden smiled. Maybe he hadn't lost his charm? Back when he was with Geordan, during the golden ages of their relationship, all it usually took to get what he wanted was the flirting look he had just given Mark. "How about some fruit? Pineapple, strawberries and bananas. And maybe a variety of French croissants?"


Mark nodded with another smile. "Sounds good." Mark replicated the requested items, as well as some bacon for himself, then brought the tray and 2 glasses of juice to the bed. He slid in beside Auden with the tray on his lap.


Auden slid up close to the bigger man. He grabbed a couple pieces of fruit and gulped them down. He looked up at Mark after grabbing a piece of pineapple and gently placed it at the opening of the other man's mouth. "I will not have myself being the only one eating." Auden gave Mark a playful look.


Mark swallowed harshly, and then took the offered pineapple between his lips, kissing the tip of Auden's fingers in the process. He then used the juice as a distraction, drinking the entire glass in one long chug. Yeah, this was definitely a bad idea, but Mark was enjoying it too much to stop. He took a bite off bacon, was about to offer it to Auden when remembered the man had ordered fruit and pastries, perhaps he didn't eat meat. He instead grabbed a strawberry and offered it to him.


Auden could feel the tension in the air. It saddened him. He was torturing Mark and he knew it. Sitting up and scooting himself over so that he could face Mark, Auden wrapped his arms around his knees and folded his legs closer to his chest. "Listen Mark…." Auden took a deep breath. "What happened last night… Well… It was the result of my former lover having beaten me one too many times." The man deserved to know. Auden owed him that much at least.


Mark felt his temper build. He abhorred violence against others. Oh he was skilled at dishing it out, wasn't above revenge, but to hurt another person like that, detestable! "I'm sorry that happened to you. He's dealt with?" Mark asked.


Auden sighed. "If you call getting a demotion by one grade and a permanent black mark on your record dealt with.. Then yes.." It still angered him slightly in side. Geordan had escaped the full extent of the law merely because of his high ranking political father and the many favours he had pulled in his benefit.


Mark frowned. It wasn't what he called 'dealt with' and it was obviously a sore spot with Auden. "I'm glad you could tell me, I didn't scare you last night did I?"


"Scare me? No…" He remembered as if Mark had appeared in his dream and scooped him up in a ball of light, saving him from Geordan's beating. Auden moved closer to Mark, his face was only a few inches from Mark's. "I like you Mark.. You don't scare me…I just have my own demons to deal with..." Auden moved in closer and his lips touched Marks.


Mark groaned, returning the kiss softly, then he pulled back. "I like you too Auden. If I can help with the demons, I will."


Auden lay back down in his bed. Months of counselling could not have given him what these past forty-eight hours had. There was still fear within him but he wanted so much to trust Mark, he needed the companionship once more. "Let's go dancing tonight…" He looked up at Mark and gave him that devilish grin once more.


Mark smiled. "That grin always works, doesn't it? I'd love to go dancing." He moved the tray off his lap, and then started scooting down in the bed, looking at Auden questioningly before settling in though.


Auden moaned lightly once more and he cuddled up close to Mark, his head on the bigger man's chest.






Lieutenant Junior Grade

Auden Anderson, MD

Medical Officer

Uss Charon





Mark Dexter (pnpc apb Selin)

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