Sunday, August 15, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241008.15 - "Memento Mori" Plot Log - Another Serpent Arrives

<<OOC: I just combined this logs- I couldn't expand on either no matter how hard I've tried.  There are 4 more logs that will be coming out tonight to flesh up a bit on the background>>

[USS Charon | Bridge]

Shiarrael stepped onto the raucous bridge as the science officer detailed a litany of information that Savant likely already knew.  The sun would soon go nova and take out everything in the vicinity- "belay that order.  We will remain here."  She interrupted the conversation and gracefully moved across the bridge replacing Savant in her chair "do not look at me with such awful gazes."  Shiarrael said at the shocked expressions directed towards her "we have been granted an up-close and personal viewing for this event.  We should take advantage I believe.  Record all data."

And that was it.  The view screen image refocused on the sun.  The beast as it had come to be called was unraveling itself.  Once it was fully extended the sun exploded drenching the bridge in blinding light until the view screen image was cut off.  Shiarrael looked around as the approaching shockwave was announced- but nothing happened.  The Charon gracefully weathered the nova blast thanks' to the beast.  When the view screen image returned the sun had dimmed and the beast was now surrounded by a fiery aura.  It twisted and then folded upon itself until nothing remained.

Amazing.  Short lived but still rather incredible.  There was a certain energy that filled the bridge.  "Now we have no reason to remain.  Set course for the Typhon Sector.  Best speed.  Let us return to Federation space."

Two years...subterfuge and lies- but it was now over and experience had been worth it.  Shiarrael stood up and headed to her ready room just as the turbo lift doors opened "Sakarra, you have the bridge."

[In Space]

Blackness was pooling at the edge of her vision- the cockpit of the bomber was now drenched in green liquid- half of which had dried to the panels.  Her breaths were growing shallow as  her thin fingers traced over the consoles- the scanners actively searching for that dreaded ship.  If she did not find them soon she would be dead and that cursed fool tr'Sahen would have won - at least until the rest of the agency caught up with him...she knew she was dead anyways because her failure to police him would ensure that, but at least she might find some vengeance on her way to hell.

A bright light flashed through the cockpit.  The Tal'Shiar political officer pulled her hands away from the console and traced the lines of her face- was she dead?  No...not dead, not yet at least.  Then what was that?  Her eyes studied the sensor readouts...a supernova?  Could they have?  It was possible.  Indeed, that ship was called a 'science ship.'  But her master was military officer- and perhaps a war criminal.  Would she stop for such an event?

Possible.  It was her only chance.  If there Charon was there then she might be able to find them before she died.

[USS Charon | Ready Room (2hrs later)]

Shiarrael felt exhausted.  Two long years.  It was misery, truly and utterly, and quite exhausting to live within the confines of Starfleet regulations.  The politics and bureaucracy was no different than that which infected the Galae- except here insubordination was encouraged.  Freedom of thought- Freedom of speech.  What ridiculous notions.  Shiarrael rubbed her temples to soothe the beating pain that radiated through her skull.  The throbbing was so intense she barely noticed her combadge chirp.  With a dejected grimace she pressed the device.

"Shiarrael here, what is it?"

"Captain.  Your presence is required on the bridge."  Shiarrael heard Sakarra's voice and frowned.  Standing up she rounded her desk and stepped onto the bridge.  As soon as she was on the bridge she heard a voice...

"Captain- a pleasure to finally meet you."

Shiarrael instantly turned and looked at the viewscreen "a pleasure?  What an unusual person you are.  Who are you?"  She looked at Sakarra who appeared equally perplexed in her own veneer of logic. 

"A friend- for the moment at least.  As you can see."  She held up her hands and the console light of the bomber illuminated them just enough to see the slick green of blood covering them "I have been gravely wounded.  Perhaps you could provide me with medical care?  In turn I will provide you with some information you might find...intriguing."

"Tal'Shiar."  Shiarrael could see that uniform bathing in the dim light.  It had taken her a moment to figure it out but now she was certain "we do not serve your kind aboard this ship.  I suggest you find a peaceful resting spot and die out of our way.  I do not need the trouble of an agent aboard my ship- dead or alive."

The woman smiled "you are quite arrogant as your record suggests- but I'm not here to debate with you Shiarrael t'Rehu.  The Memento Mori is still alive and if I die, many others will too."

Shiarrael's eyes widened as she turned to look at Sakarra...could it be possible?  "Have her beamed to sickbay.  I will speak to her."

[To be continued...]