Monday, August 30, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241008.29 || Join Backlog || Cmdr Khiy & LtJG K'tara

Khiy leaned against the far wall adjacent to the airlock entrance leading inside the quantum fury, his cold eyes lingering on the security checkpoint.  After that incident with the Marines he decided to keep a close eye on the other arriving guests that would be joining them until the Quantum Fury rendezvoused with the Charon.  It was tiring- all of it, but there were questions he needed answered and those answers were on the Charon.  He would have to remain patient and deal with the annoyances as they came.  

K’tara walked down the umbilical toward the airlock, an unusually small duffel bag in tow.  She had spent over a month in transit, hopping from one ship to another to finally arrive at the Quantum Fury.  Now that she was here, it was rather anticlimactic.  Just another ship going on another assignment.  … Or perhaps it was just fatigue talking.  She hoped it was.
Pushing all of that aside, K’tara walked up to the airlock doors and tapped the control panel, opening the doors and stepping through into the ship proper.  The doors closed behind her, ‘locking’ her in and holding her face-to-face with a Romulan.  She felt her features turn to stone, but couldn’t help it.  Her eyes fell on his collar and she immediately straightened up, drawing her full 6-foot frame up, proudly presenting the small ridges on her forehead.  “Lieutenant Junior Grade K’tara Sevarius asking permission to come aboard, sir.”

Klingon? No...her ridges weren't pronounced enough to be fully Klingon.  Half, no doubt, but half what?  A quick study of her eyes yielded the answer- she was half Human.  Khiy gave the young hybrid a brief nod of his head "permission granted."  He said and then pointed to the security officers manning the checkpoint "however, this is not the checkpoint, you will need to run you belongings through there."

K’tara arched an eyebrow at his response.  ‘If not the checkpoint, then just checking things out. Wonder how I checked out.’  She mused to herself as she stared down at him.  “Thank you.  … Sir.”  She added as an afterthought before stepping around him and walking over to the official checkpoint, handing the officers her duffel bag.  There wasn’t much to search, just a couple of spare uniforms, a personal PADD, and a ceremonial daqtagh.  When one of the officers took the knife out to examine it, K’tara locked eyes with him, daring him to make it an issue.

The Security officer perked a brow at the blade and then noticed the rather aggressive stance of the Klingon woman.  With some reservation he glanced towards Khiy "Commander Kanryth- is this permissible?"   he asked while tossing stray glances at the woman.  Khiy looked over from where he was standing and simply nodded his head.  The Security office frowned and then stuck the weapon back in the duffle bag "in quarters only."  He stated.

The corners of her mouth turned down in the faintest of frowns at the limitation, but she nodded all the same.  “Fine.”  The officer held her duffel bag out of her and she took it, slinging it over her shoulder before turning back to Khiy, her features a touch less severe since he approved her items.  “Thank you again.”  Once the words escaped her lips, it seemed like her ‘other half’ realized what she actually said and shut her expressions down again, becoming nothing but formal.  “Permission to retire to quarters, sir.”

There were certainly enough 'headaches' aboard but Khiy wasn't sure if this woman would become an addition to those.  After she spoke he casually dipped his head in a very slight nod and spoke dismissively with a slight hand gesture "Granted."  

K’tara returned the nod before walking toward the nearest turbolift, a faint sense of surrealism falling over her.  A Romulan commander.  Really?  What the hell kind of assignment did she just accept?