Thursday, April 29, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241004.29 - Back Log - "Anywhere But Here" - CWO3 Sierra

[USS Guardian, Guest Quarters]
Oberic had been crammed into the tiny quarters now for what seemed to be an eternity.  His transfer to the Charon had excited him at first, but now he was just anxious to be anywhere else other than this one infernal room.  Being an Intelligence Officer meant that few people trusted you, especially commanding officers of ships you weren't assigned to.  They always seemed to think that you were there to snoop around.  So Oberic found himself pretty much stuck in his temporary quarters; one could read the same book only so many times before going batty.
After letting out a lengthy sigh, he placed his book on the table in front of him, and rose to his feet.  Another personal log entry...and more of nothing to really report about.  He pressed the panel and waited for the activation beep to sound.  "CWO3 Sierra, Personal Log, hell with it - this is day ad nauseum of my exile aboard the Guardian.  We should rendezvous with the Charon sometime over the next day - maybe less.  If there's any sort of delay to this, I swear I am going to flush myself out an airlock.  For the ninth time since arriving here, I have concluded reading "The Path of Korini Dercou".  I am forced to wonder if there are any Vulcans today who adhere to this discipline.  I would love to meet someone who can actually cause people to not notice them.  Would be nice in this line of work, that's for sure..."
A short nine hours later, Oberic's sleep was interrupted by the chime of the door, announcing a visitor.  That was very odd, nobody had visited him since he got to the Guardian.  Probably some poor, lost soul looking for someone else.  He approached the door, and allowed it to open.  A young and obviously squeamish ensign stood before him.  The young man cleared his throat a few times before speaking.  "I was told to...well, you should know that we will meet the Charon in a few hours."  That was all he said before making an about-face and nearly sprinting away.  Oberic ignored the response as he was overwhelmed with joy at soon being rid of this place.  He hurried back into the room and gathered up his things.  He would sit there, ready to depart, until called on.
[USS Charon - Transporter Room]
Upon materializing, Oberic glanced around, trying to see if anyone of significant rank was nearby whom he could report to.  Seeing only the transporter operator, the El-Aurian grinned and asked, "Could you please tell me where my quarters are located?"  After being told, he headed off, he figured he could report in after putting his things away.  Besides, nobody had been there to welcome him aboard or meet him.  He assumed everyone was busy, and he would only be in the way should he go hunting for someone to report to.  No doubt they knew he was there, anyway.
[Personal Quarters]
Compared to the room he was crammed into on the Guardian, Oberic's new digs were luxurious.  He was quite pleased with the change, and looked forward to seeing what his office would look like.  He knew that aboard a ship like the Charon, his job was relegated to a mere support role; he wouldn't be getting a department or personnel to really speak of.  And that was more than fine with him - the fewer people involved, the lower the chances of failure and disappointment.
With his equipment tucked away, Oberic straightened out his uniform, and stepped into the corridor, ready to face whatever the Charon and her Captain had to offer him.  First order of business...locate the XO and officially report in.
CWO3 Oberic Sierra
Intelligence Officer
USS Charon
((OOC:  Hello all!  My name is Rob, and I am obviously playing the new Intel Officer.  I just wanted to say that it's great to be here!  I look forward to writing with you all in the future.  I am happy to be part of such a prolific crew.))