Monday, April 26, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241004.26 - Captain's Log "There can be no Solace" - Captain Shiarrael Rehu

<<all right, this log basically wraps up everything, it's shorter then I would like but it works!  Feel free to do backlogs and some development logs over the next few days as I prep for the next plot!  You'll have a 10 hour period in character from this log to do that with>>

[USS Charon]

As she stepped onto the bridge every eye turned to her.  Their expressions were alien, of many sorts, but she easily translated the same basic questions from all them "what next?"  'Indeed, what next?'  She wondered, irritated.  Behind everyone, displayed clearly on the view screen, her cousin had his prize.  Meanwhile two warbirds lurked between them, the Charon was in no position to reclaim the Temep'Shar- it was lost, and while tattered, it was well intact. 

'I should have destroyed that ship the moment we got here!'  She thought angrily- her fist tightening in frustration.  We have given them a powerful tool, and for what?  Vulcan lives?!  The Vulcans would have understood and accepted willingly their deaths.  "Starfleet" she uttered the word aloud like a poisonous curse.  'Has made me too soft!'  She finished the thought and then turned her attention to the bridge crew.  They stared at her.  'What do they want me to do?  I am not a god- I cannot make latinum out of a pile of thrai shit!'  It was then she noticed something else- they looked tired, exhausted, and defeated.

Yes- they had done their best.  It was all she could ask for.  The elements have decided something different for them; at least they escaped with their lives.  'At least' what a truly sorry word, if she had been a Galae commander at this moment she would have thrust her honor blade into her chest  and twisted it until she were dead- save her dignity.  However, that life was behind her.  These people were her life now, and they were in front of her.  She took several steps forward until she reached the back of the command chair.  She gently massaged the headrest for a moment to help calm her nerves and then turned around to address the crew "open a channel to the entire ship."

She quietly waited until the channel was open.  "This is the Captain.  You have all done a good job.  Many of you are unaware of the details of our mission- I regret that it must remain classified.  Just know that you have done well.  The combat is over for now."  She turned for a moment to glance at the view screen image of the two lurking warbirds.  If Itsak had truly wanted them dead, they would be dead.  Looking back at the bridge faces she smiled "I am returning us to condition green.  With this our mission is over.  We will be returning to Federation space."  She nodded head to have the transmission ended.

'It is over- there is no more left to do here.'  She withheld a very tempting sigh "you have all done well.  Commander Tyrax set course for Lyrilla.  We shall check on our new friends before we leave for the neutral zone.  Have your relief personnel take your places within the next hour and rest.  It has been an exhausting day for all of us.  Captain Savant- I'll instruct you with the responsibility of keeping an eye on our 'escorts' should they behave inappropriately, contact me.  I will be in my quarters."  Shiarrael lowered her head and walked into the turbo lift.

[Captains Quarters]

8 hours later…

Streaking stars coursed pass her window- their features elongated and warped by the same technology that allowed Charon to travel between them.  Shiarrael had been here now for the past three hours simply staring at the flowing abyss.  Sleep had been restless.  In her right hand which rested on the top edge of her couch was a glass of rylhrhh- the sweet wine was just strong enough to sooth without clouding the mind: 

The Romulan prisoners were gone.  Transported to the ships which had lingered behind to watch and follow Charon- three hours ago they had departed.  It was one less concern and Shiarrael was glad to be done with it.  In thirty two hours they would arrive in orbit of Lyrilla, take a short leave, and then return to Federation space.  'Two months- in two months my fate will be unknown.'  She sighed bitterly.  This entire mission was supposed to be an adventure- well it had been, but for entirely different reasons.   'Perhaps I was never meant to be here?'  She sighed again.  Even the sweetness of the wine tasted bitter with her sour mood.

"Itsak?" she asked "what will you do with this new tool?  Turn it over to the Tal'Shiar?  And this other demon…" she swirled around and looked at the PADD sitting at the center of her coffee table.  The image of the grey hair Vulcan woman staring at her "what shall I do with you?"  Her words were as cold as surface of rura'penthe.  After a short investigation it had been discovered that the one responsible for sabotaging the weapons systems was none other than T'Pelarl.  Her actions ensured the Romulans would get the Temep-Shar- in Shiarrael's mind that was treason and if it were not for Federation regulations she would have easily thrown the vile woman out one of the Charon's many unused airlocks.  "Pity."  She said- knowing how much she would enjoy watching that woman's expression as the vacuumed pulled her into the depths of space "truly a pity."

With a grim expression Shiarrael sipped the wine- content to just sit still and stare out.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon