Monday, April 26, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241004.26 | Duty Log | Lhaetan tr'Valkar

[Galae Facilities, I'Rak Prime]


Morning had come on board the Rihannsu orbital facilities before any further word had come in from the frontier regions. And, after his rather interesting evening spent reading over countless reports and evaluations of the Shiarrael t'Rehu made by numerous officers and field agents over the last decade, erie'Arrain tr'Valkar was excited to see that the USS Charon was again prominently mentioned in them. The vessel and its commanding officer had quickly become some of the most interesting material to come through this particular field office.


Still though, just a few hours after reading his first reports on the Starfleet crew, Lhaetan still had no idea where he had previously heard t'Rehu's name. Messages had been sent to both his mother on ch'Rihan and his brothers stationed at various points around the Galae forces. None had yet responded, but the young officer was sure that the question would be answered in no time.


In the mean time, the Endless Sky was making fast progress on its return, and the Erissvae'sa and Vrelaui had both reported that the Starfleet vessel was on a direct course to the Lyrillian System, apparently planning to eventually return home as well.


'Licking their wounds?' tr'Valkar thought to himself as he studied the starmaps that had accompanied the reports. After the sort of defeat they had suffered it would be understandable for humans to behave as such, but for a Rihannsu? Especially after the fight described in the reports; even in defeat, they had put up a noble fight.


But then, what sort of Rihannsu would serve in Starfleet? Working for and alongside the human ataen. A vang'radam, no less, and consort to a human.


The reports on t'Rehu went on and on.


However, there were files on a number of other Charon crew members, none as interesting as their Captain's, but entertaining to read nonetheless. Lhaetan had sat up through most of the night reading through the database.


"And what is it that you are doing, erie'Arrain?"


Quickly looking up from the computer console the young man found his superior standing behind him, looking over his shoulder at the contents of the display screen. Clearing his throat Lhaetan replied, "Reviewing incoming reports from the field, rekkhai."


"Aeuthn qiu oaii mnek'nra?"


With a firm nod the erie'Arrain answered, "Oiuu'n mnekha."


Apparently dissatisfied with tr'Valkar's response, the Arrain bent further over the console, reading through its contents. After a moment white teeth appeared as a grin cracked, "t'Rehu, eh? I wouldn't waste my time reading out that ryak'na."


Knowing not to argue with his superior, Lhaetan moved to close the files from the monitor, "Yes, rekkhai. As you wish."


"And what of the Temep'Shar?"


Lhaetan pulled up the appropriate data, along with a starchart showing the last reported location, "The Endless Sky is in procession of the Vulcan vessel and is en route, rekkhai. t'Rehu has made no attempt to pursue."


While this information really grabbed at Lhaetan's attentions, the elder officer seemed to disregard it almost casually. For a vessel such as the Temep'Shar to be handed over such as it was…well, the junior officer had no clue as to why anyone would allow such power to slip away so easily.  The Tal'Shiar would surely have a field day with its technology.


As the Arrain retreated into another area of the section, Lhaetan settled back into his seat, setting aside the files on the Rihannsu captain and her Starfleet vessel, returning to the rest of the incoming data files. There would be more time to continue reading their stories after his duty shift had ended…


[To Be Continued…]


erie'Arrain Lhaetan i-Mhiessan tr'Valkar

Intelligence Officer, Tal'Diann

Galae Forces, I'Rak Prime