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[USS Charon] USS Corsair - SD241004.26 || "Progeny of the Progenitors - Part XVIII"

U.S.S. Corsair - NX-011979
Nebula II Prototype
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Progeny of the Progenitors – Part 18”

## USS Corsair - Transporter Room ##

Ramius carefully checked his phaser before sliding into one of the pockets of his heavy white camouflaged coat.  Covered from head to toe his team was outfitted with clothing and gear designed for the extreme cold.  “Is everyone ready”, Ramius asked as he pulled on a pair of white gloves and checked the small computer strapped to his forearm.


“Yes sir”, came the confident reply from the three marines who had volunteered to accompany the captain to scout the cloaked area and gather recon.  The forth member of the team seemed far less prepared.


Ramius turned and helped Captain Akina pull on and secure his heavy white parka and field pack.  The officer had only had a few days to rest and recover after being stabbed and beaten by several hired thugs.  Ramius had personally assured the ship’s doctor he would keep an eye on the captain who was still somewhat sluggish from his recent injuries and ordeal.  The captain was a tough intelligence operative and Ramius would not have allowed him to join if he didn’t believe Akina was up for the mission.  However he still felt obligated to annoy the captain when possible.


“You sure you’re up for this Zane”, Ramius asked snapping the officer’s pack into place and ensuring the pack straps were tight.


“Of course”, came Akina’s confident reply.  “I feel the need to obtain some payback and can endure the elements if it helps to put an end to this mysterious group and its sinister leadership.”


“That’s the spirit”, Ramius said giving his fellow officer a reassuring slap on the back.


“Alright everyone.  Gather round.”  Ramius activated his arm top computer which displayed a holographic image of the terrain in as high detail as the ship’s sensors could provide. The amber image flickered into existence allowing the captain to quickly go over the mission objectives. 


“ Our mission is as follows:  We will infiltrate the area and conduct recon within an area that is believed to be hidden by a cloaking shield.  Once we’ve penetrated the shield’s perimeter our goal will be to find a suitable safe zone and perform recon of the area.  Sergeant Wallace, you and your men will be responsible for obtaining detailed scans of the area.  Captain Akina and I will scout the perimeter and obtain visual recon on type and numbers of personnel, defenses, vehicles, equipment, and structures.  Keep communications to a minimum in the event comms are being monitored.


Once our initial recon is complete we will regroup and evaluate the gathered intelligence.


If your position is compromised during the mission your orders are to proceed to evacuate and return to the Corsair.  Do not engage any hostile forces unless absolutely required.  We aren’t here to fight just yet.  Our mission is simply to observe and collect intelligence.  Any questions?”


With no questions voiced Ramius deactivated the holographic image.  “Mount up.”


The men took their positions on the transporter pad checking weapons, adjusting their heavy winter packs and clothing, and affixing protective eyewear.  The last step was to attach a small breathing mask to their faces which helped keep the air warm and moist given the brutal temperatures they were moments away from entering.


A quick visual check indicated everyone was prepared.  Ramius gave the order.  “Energize.”


## Surface of Romulan Planet D’aisnenn ##


The transporter beam released the small infiltration team from its grasp into a bitterly cold environment of snow, ice, wind, and little else.  The entire landscape was much like that of Earth’s moon except covered in a sheet of iridescent ice as smooth as the most brilliant pearl and polished by millennia of powerful, unrelenting winds.   The lone ruler of  clawed at the men who dared stand against it on the barren planet.  Ramius looked upwards and shielded his eyes against the dim white dwarf star which bathed everything in a blue white hue.


“The shield should be about a half a click ahead.  Watch the terrain and your footing.  Sergeant, have your men fall out, Akina and I will cover your six.  Let’s move out.”


The men slowly proceeded toward their destination which was invisible against the white backdrop of an endless sea of blue and white.


# Later #


“Tricorder indicates a weak power signature nearby sir.  According to our position we should be only a few meters outside of the cloaking field.”


Ramius nodded retrieving his phaser as Akina followed suit.  The marines were already brandishing their rifles with Akina and Ramius opting for smaller weaponry to remain agile and mobile.


“Stay tight.  If we encounter resistance passing through the shield evacuate and return to the Corsair.  Understood?”


“Yes sir”, came the unanimous reply.  “Let’s go.”


The marines took point and one by one the men cautiously moved forward.


[ To Be Continued … ]




Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina

Intelligence Operative


NPC Marines