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[USS Charon] [USS Corsair] - SD241005.02 || "Progeny of the Progenitors - Part XXI"

U.S.S. Corsair - NX-011979
Nebula II Prototype
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Progeny of the Progenitors – Part 21”

## Planet:  D’aisnenn – Romulan Space ##

Only an occasional gust of icy wind broke the heavy silence that enveloped the whole of the frozen horizon.  A gentle snow fell from menacing grey clouds as it coated the eternally white surface of the Romulan planet.  Captain Ramius, Captain Akina, and three marines lay motionless on the frozen surface as the snow slowly covered their bodies its icy fingers probing for any weakness in their substantial subzero clothing and armor. 


The three marines were heavily laden with ordinance and weapons.  Ramius had procured a Type II phaser as well as a standard issue rifle.  Akina had opted for lighter arms carrying with him his two prized disruptors of Romulan design.  With no stun setting they were as lethal as they were light and were a good choice for one who wanted to move quickly while hitting the enemy with maximum force.  Ramius had no desire to take lives during this mission however he was certain that those defending this mysterious planet and its secrets would not give up without a fight.  Thus, conflict however unwanted was unavoidable.


Ramius glanced at his timepiece.  “10 seconds.  Standby”, he said quietly.  All that remained now was to wait.


The calm silence of dawn was suddenly shattered as shouts and weapons fire slowly gave way to explosions and chaos.  The mercenary camp’s eastern flank erupted in a cauldron of weapons fire, explosions, ordinance and battle cries.  Dormant weapons shook off their snow covered systems  as computer controlled guns sprang to life tracking heat and movement with deadly accuracy.  Energy weapons crisscrossed the frozen terrain throwing up clouds of powdery snow and fragments of ice upon impact with the earth.  An alarm sounded somewhere within the compound its wailing tone adding to the chaotic symphony that was now fully engaged.


“The Colonel is as punctual as always”, Ramius remarked watching the chaos before him.  Dozens of mercenaries poured from one of the large domed structures to join the fray.  A small armored vehicle appeared on the scene only adding to the impressive force that had been deployed to defend a seemingly worthless chunk of ice and rock.


Ramius was confident the Colonel and his men could handle themselves no matter what the mercenaries threw at them.  As the battle continued it was evident the marines were causing a significant amount of chaos.  The time was ripe for action.


Now’s our chance.  Go”, Ramius instructed pulling himself from his snowy hiding place.  The marines and Akina quickly rose to their feet as the group dashed across the ice toward the compound’s interior.  Reaching the perimeter the men fell back against a large metallic cargo container and quickly surveyed the landscape.  The automatic guns were distracted by the diversions creating a clear path for them to reach their intended target.  A single sentry guarded the entrance but the mercenary’s attention was focused upon the marine’s attack.


Ramius silently motioned for the team to move.  Quickly and quietly they crossed the exposed open distance from the perimeter to the structure without detection.  Moving with practiced efficiency the squad approached the entrance.  Moments later the distracted mercenary, stunned by an unseen phaser beam, was quickly dragged inside the structure as the five man team secured its internal space.


“Sims, watch the door”, Ramius ordered quickly busying himself with searching the stunned merc.  “Akina, look around and see what you can find.”


Ramius took the merc’s communicator and injected him with a sedative that would ensure he would remain silent for several hours.  “Let’s stash the body and get moving.”  The team carefully hid the limp body of the mercenary behind some machinery where he was unlikely to be discovered.


“Ramius, I found a lift that heads down.  Seems you were right about this place”, Akina shouted as the team closed on the elevator.


“How’s it look outside”, Ramius asked Sims who was watching the entrance.  “The Colonel and the boys are giving them hell.  We’re still clear.”


“Shit”, Akina shouted as he manipulated the controls for the lift.  “The controls are locked.  The system uses some type of key access.  If I attempt to call the lift it most likely will set off an alarm.”


“Can you hack it?”


“I don’t know.  It’s a newer model.  Expensive and sophisticated.  It’ll take time.”


Ramius glanced at this timepiece.  They had precious little left before the Colonel pulled back.


A second search of the drugged sentry revealed an item Ramius had overlooked in a small pocket; a keycard.  “This should be it.  Let’s go.”  As the team moved toward the lift the sounds of weapons fire faded.  The battle was ending as was their cover.


Handing the card to Akina, Ramius and the marines took aim at the entrance.  “Hurry up Akina, we’re out of time.”


The intelligence operative inserted the ID card into the small console and manipulated its controls.  As he worked the men could hear the defense guns outside go quiet replaced by shouting and movement.  “Akina, tell me you have something”, Ramius muttered his finger resting on the trigger of his rifle.


A sudden whir of machinery filled the room and within moments an elevator car appeared from the dark depths of a gaping shaft that led down into the ice below their boots.  Wasting little time, the squad entered the car and pressed the controls.


With a frightening jerk the elevator car rattled and groaned before descending at a smoother, quiet pace.  The men looked upwards through the grating of the metallic car the light of the surface slowly disappearing as they were enveloped by freezing cold blackness.  Every man had the same thoughts on their mind as they descended into the dangerous depths of a dark unknown.


[To Be Continued… ]


Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina

Starfleet Intelligence Operative


NPC Marines