Thursday, May 20, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241005.20 - Duty Log "The Asp" - Captain Shiarrael Rehu

<A little sub plot to give some of you guys something to do while we do some 'sploring :) >

[USS Charon – Ready Room]

Shiarrael looked up at the holographic view screen in front of her as she slid her fingers across the desk console until the image shifted from the rotating Starfleet insignia to the smiling visage of Ambassador Ceer "Captain- it's nice to hear from you.  Has the Charon reached the cluster yet?  Forgive me for not keeping up; it has been very hectic down here.  Starfleet is sending a full diplomatic delegation here but they will be routing those ships around the Klingon Empire via the gorn border, so it'll take awhile."  His smile faded slightly "you look tired."

The answer Shiarrael had for that comment was a simple nod and then a shake of her head "this mission has been tiring" she said looking at the El'Aurian Commander turned Ambassador.  Being her former second officer Shiarrael felt she could speak candidly with Ceer and relayed the recent events to him in an abridged form.  When she finished Shiarrael leaned back in her seat hoping the Ambassador could offer some new insight into the situation.

"So we were misled?  By the Vulcans of all people…"  A sour grin replaced the smile on Ceers face as he shook his head while sighing "knowing you I bet you're furious.  Have you contacted Starfleet about this yet?"

"Furious?"  Shiarrael let out a short lived sarcastic laugh "I am beyond furious.  I want blood Ambassador."  She sat up and massaged her forehead with the base of her palm "I have yet to contact Starfleet- I am not sure what the motives of my people are yet.  I would like to have more information before I brief them, but, I fear it.  Such technology is powerful and dangerous- we led them to it and now they possess it because of us.  Elements forgive us for whatever they choose to do with it for it will not be good."

"It is very precarious to say the least."  Ceer nodded his while frowning "I don't think I have to tell you- but I will just to remind that stubborn head of yours.  It is not legal to throw Federation Civilians out of an airlock.  I know you have quite the tenacious streak and a well earned reputation- but don't get yourself into trouble for it.  I bet having the culprits be Vulcan only increases your ire, your people are not fond of their distant cousins."

Shiarrael shook her head "no, I did not hate them.  It is difficult to hate a people you hardly know.  However, now, I cannot say what my feeling is towards them.  I am angry and unsure."  Gritting her teeth she sighed again and shook her head "they are such an unnatural people.  Projecting logic while pretending they have no emotion.  Unlike those of you in the Federation I recognize the charade- in my blood flow the passions they have rejected.  They can only camouflage it but never rid of it- unlike them my people have always embraced our true nature."

"Isn't it natural to survive?  While the Rihannsu took to the sky to preserve their 'true nature' the Vulcans who remained behind chose to evolve beyond the petty conflict and warfare that plagued them.  They chose to suppress their emotions to advance their civilizations."  Ceer smiled faintly and held up his hand "not to say that you're people are uncivilized, but you cannot deny the difference in culture between your two people."

"Perhaps."  Shiarrael admitted hesitantly "let's change the subject- discussing them irritates me further.  The Charon will arrive in orbit of Lyrilla in two weeks.  We have discovered a stellar phenomena and our science department would like to investigate further.  Once we finish we will head to Lyrillia before returning to Federation space."

Ceer grinned "and they said a murdering tyrant of a soldier couldn't conform to being the commander of a science vessel… Okay, I'll inform the local government.  They will happy to see Charon agai-" Ceer's image flickered for a moment before completely disappearing.  It was automatically replaced by the Starfleet insignia.

Shiarrael waited for a moment to see if the transmission would automatically reconnect but when it didn't she pressed her commbadge "Shiarrael to Communications- I have lost my signal with Ambassador Ceer- is there a problem?"

"Not with our equipment ma'am- it seems there is interference as we get closer to the sun.  Heavy bursts of radiation."

"Work with operations and science to bypass the communication difficulty."  Shiarrael ordered and glanced at her chrono.  Two hours until we arrive in system, she mentally noted.  Though they wouldn't remain too long- it would be unwise to witness such an event so close.  Tapping on the desk console she watched as the holographic screen above her shrunk into oblivion and stood up.  Entering the bridge she looked around and then nodded at Eithne "Commander Katris will have the bridge.  Contact me if we reestablish communications with Lyrilla."  Shiarrael turned and rounded the bridge into the turbo lift.

"Deck three."  She ordered the computer and moved to the rear of the turbo lift as the doors closed and it started to move.  She was so deep in thought that she nearly failed to realize that the turbo lift kept moving past deck three.  Taking a step forward she rubbed her brow wondering if she made a mistake "computer what is the destination?"

"Deck Three."

"That's not right."  Shiarrael frowned "computer override Rehu-Alpha-Gamma-Omega-Six-Three-One.  Full stop."

"Unable to comply."

"What?!"  Shiarrael pressed her commbadge "Operations.  Captain Savant there appears to be an error with the turbo lift system.  Please halt all turbo lift functions and dispatch engineering here."  She waited for an answer but when none came she began to feel agitated.  Ripping the control console open she attempted a manual override which also failed.  "Damnit!"  She shouted and kicked the turbo lift door and it suddenly stopped.  Staring at the door she chuckled nervously and started to pry it open when she felt a prickling feeling begin to course up her leg.  Stumbling backwards she pressed her hand against the back wall for support.  A sudden surge of energy coursed through her body…

[To be continued]