Sunday, May 9, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241005.09 - Joint Log - Captain Shiarrael Rehu & WO3 Oberic Serra

[USS Charon]

Immediately after saying his goodbyes to Savant, Oberic was off to see the Captain.  Thanks to his new pal, he knew the Captain was in her office; Oberic only hoped she was in the mood to meet with him.  As he stepped onto the Bridge, he was approached by a security officer who was obviously on the ball that day.  "How can I help you?" - the question was somewhat stern, but Oberic took no mind.  He produced his little wallet and flashed his credentials; a nifty little item that got him instant respect, or instant suspicion and fear - or all...either way, it usually did the trick.  "CWO Sierra, Starfleet Intelligence.  I'm here to see the Captain."
After examining the credentials, the security officer took a step back, apparently satisfied.  Oberic rounded the corner, and found himself in front of the ready room door, waiting for an answer to the chime.

"Enter."  Shiarrael casually called out upon hearing the chime.  When the door opened she set the PADD she had been reading onto the desk and looked up at her guest.  Her eyes narrowed at the dark collar "Starfleet Intelligence?"  The question was clearly rhetorical as she swiftly motioned to the empty chair across from her and continued "Mister Oberic Serra, please have a seat.  I was just going over your record- what little of it that hasn't been marked out as classified."

Oberic took the seat indicated and replied, "Yes ma'am.  I apologize for those little indiscretions but I am happy to report that my record is far more complete than many others you'd encounter."  He sat straight up and continued, "I am sorry for coming to you directly instead of through your Exec, but I was unable to locate the Commander.  I felt it was also a wise idea to introduce myself to you before I took over my official duties."

"And exactly will your official duties be aboard my ship?"  Shiarrael's eyes narrowed slightly at the intelligence officer "I am not very trusting of your kind."

He expected as much.  His face betrayed no hint of surprise as he answered, "I do not blame you for your distrust, Captain.  It is commonplace among command staff, since I am assigned to your vessel by Starfleet Command.  While I am under your charge insomuch as I am here on your vessel, I answer directly to my superiors in Starfleet Intelligence instead of to yourself, as would be normal for all others aboard a ship.  I will work with you as much as you will allow me.  Should Starfleet Intelligence deem it necessary and prudent, I would, of course, brief you on anything that comes to my attention which would affect the ship.  During missions, I am here to provide whatever information and assistance you decide you wish from me, so long as such is within the purview of my billet.  I have access to information, materials, and personnel that may prove valuable in certain situations.  I am not here to make waves, or stand over anyone's shoulder.  I have a job to do, just like everyone else here...and just like everyone else here, I perform my duties in service to the greater good." 

"And what is the greater good?"  Shiarrael asked sarcastically and shook her head rather irritated at Starfleet- but what was new?  They had their own agenda and as far as they were concerned she was simply an obstacle that had to be tolerated, for the moment.  "I don't care about Starfleet Intelligence- if you know of anything that affects this ship I expect to be informed.  If anything happens to this ship or its crew that I find out you had preliminary knowledge of I won't hesitate to throw you out an airlock.  I'm sure your superiors can verify that I am not new to such disciplinary measures."  She smirked "but hopefully it won't come to that and you will understand that even though you work for Starfleet, your primary responsibility while on this, is to this ship.  I hope we have an understanding?"

"I won't need verification, Captain.  I've been working with the people of the Star Empire since your great-grandparents ten times over were still breastfeeding.  I understand my responsibilities to all involved; and while I am on this ship, I can guarantee you that while I may not have anyone's trust, you can be assured that I haven't survived over three centuries without a keen sense of self-preservation.  What happens to this ship affects me - I would no sooner wish harm to it than to myself."  Oberic took a moment to compose himself and breathe a bit.  "I appreciate that you took time out of your day to meet with me, and I do not wish to keep you any longer.  I have but one request with regards to the Chief of Operations.  While I have the authority to seek assistance from anyone whom I please without seeking prior approval, I would much rather show my respect to you and request that I be allowed to work with Savant.  Her capabilities are immeasurable.  I should think that getting her help would be much more desirable than pulling a member of the crew off their regular duties; especially since she can handle multiple tasks without any one duty suffering.  To ease any concerns, you should know that I plan to utilize her abilities for intel gathering only, I will not involve her in any missions that would take her away from the Charon."

Leaning back in her seat Shiarrael nodded her head.  She was tempted to asked 'what sort of intelligence?'  But the matter was none of her business- so long as it didn't involve her.  Savant was an efficient machine and as a machine she didn't have any concerns that the operations officer would find such an extra task distracting.  "You may have authority but without my leeway you will find that authority does not get one very far in the comfort of a brig cell.  I'm sure Ambassador Lamont can attest to this.  As long as you operate within the confines of my own authority I am certain we will not have any issues.  Dismissed."

Oberic rose from his seat, and politely nodded to the captain.  "Thank you, Captain.  I will do my best not to disappoint you."  He turned, and exited the office, headed straight for his quarters and another meeting with Savant.  There was a lot of work to be done if billions upon billions of lives were to be spared...


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Warrant Officer 3rd Class Oberic Serra
Starfleet Intelligence Officer
USS Charon