Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241006.22 - NPC Log "Epidemic?" - Doctor Aroon Ariyanuntaka

[USS Charon, Sickbay]

"Nurse, let's do some detailed scans."  Doctor Ariyanuntaka put his medical tricorder away and helped the young engineer lie down on the biobed "let's see."  He took a step back and brought the biobed diagnostic scanners online.  A holographic diagram of the patient began to form above them.  He watched quietly as it complemented and then ran his fingers along the console.  Slowly all of the excess material dissipated leaving only a translucent silhouette of the patients body and a detailed rendering of their nervous system.  There was one interesting anomaly...he looked at the diagram with an exasperated expression "this can't be a coincidence" he whispered to the nurse. 

He turned around and looked behind him at the dozen or so officers lining the waiting area.  So far he had seen seven patients with the same chronic symptoms presented as a massive migraine.  Three of them were Vulcans, one was Ullian, and the rest had been betazoids.  The Ullian had seemed to be having the worst time with it.  He sighed.  Seven patients was not a coincidence.  Glancing at the diagram again he focused the image on the patient's paracortex.  It was abnormally active.  "You can sit up."  He smiled and turned to the nurse "a five percent Hydrocortilene  should alleviate the symptoms."  For now at least he thought.    

Turning around he walked over to the next biobed where another patient was waiting "how are you doing today Ensign?"  Ariyanuntaka grinned and picked up the PADD that had been placed next to the biobed containing the patients records.  He started perusing the information but stopped at the species listing: betazoid.  "Are you presenting with symptoms of a migraine?"  He asked. 

The Ensign nodded "yes sir."

"I see."  He beckoned one of the nurses over "give him a five percent hydrocortilene solution to alleviate his symptoms.  I am going to borrow the chief medical officer office for a minute."  Ariyanuntaka rounded sickbay and stepped into the empty Chief of Medical's office.  Carefully collecting the information from the last eight patients he opened a channel to the bridge "Bridge, this is Lieutenant Ariyanuntaka in sickbay.  We are having an unusual influx of patients.  All of them are telepaths and all are presenting with the same symptom- painful migraines.  I believe we are having some sort of epidemic- but I currently have no idea as to the source.  However, I think we should begin taking precautionary measures."

A knock at the door cut his message short.  Sliding the data PADD under his arm he stepped out to find several more officers crowding the waiting area.  One of the nurses was frowning "more are coming in with the same symptoms sir.  What should we do?"

"Alert the entire medical staff.  We're going to need everyone here.  Have the other nurses try to get as much information they can from the patients about their symptoms- when they started, how they developed, and so on.  We'll also need complete scans and blood samples to be tested.  We need to find the cause of this before it spreads anymore.  For the moment- if anyone presents with the similar symptoms just give them a 5 percent hydrocorteline solution and send them to their quarters for rest."

"Understood doctor."  The nurse nodded and headed to the crowd of ill.  Ariyanuntaka took a deep breath and then followed her into purgatory.

Lieutenant JG Doctor Aroon  Ariyanuntaka (NPC apb Thomas)
Medical Officer
USS Charon