Saturday, June 5, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241006.05 Duty Log Brevet 1Lt Warren

=/\= Deck 10 Marine Commander's Office =/\=


The sound of metal hitting against metal echoed across the room as Brent put back together his kinetic rifle.  The power cell had been thoroughly cleaned and put back together after being recharged and the familiar scent of cleaner wafed throughout the air inside the office.  Brent had even increased the air recycling capacity but there was still the faintest hint of a bit of the cleaner.  The music that thundered through the room was a familiar and old peice that Brent enjoyed in the after effects of a combat mission.  He had several men in various states of injury in sickbay.

Most of them would be fully recovered in four days, but two were going to be in recovery for some time.  The pipe organs blasted throughout the room, as one of Bach's most well known musical peices helped to calm Brent down from the nagging sensation that something was still not right.  Those charges should have blown that ship sky high.  He would have to have a through talking to with that EOD expert to make sure that never happened again.

Brent just hoped that they were given the chance.  The gun was finally reassembled and back in tip top working order.  Brent slide a empty magazine into the gun before setting it aside.  Leaning back into his chair Brent took up a PADD into his hands.  The paperwork never really did stop now did it.  At least with Savant's help and the experience he had now things were getting easier.  His stomach rumbled and Brent acquired a sandwich and a large glass of lemonade, and began to eat, looking at the chronometer on his desk.  Hmm.  Sakarra would be off duty a few minutes after he would.  Brent made the note mentally to link in with her and see if she wanted to go out to use the holodeck.  They hadn't been in a while and it might be a nice distraction.

Something Brent felt he could definitely use.

Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander