Monday, June 14, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241006.04 || Personal Log || "It Cant Be........ Can it?" || JAG Miranda Xavier ||

<<OOC: I-Chaya and I discussed this about El-Aurian's abilities to sense emotions and we seem to think this is the extent of them, if incorrect them blame Memory Alpha, we used their theory as a template>>

==/\== Eris Deck ==/\==
Miranda sat in the extravagantly decorated lounge on the top floor of Eris Deck looking over the persons assorted below. Miranda had an unusual nostalgic feeling over this, she was a listener after all, that of time and space but also of subtle emotions, not exactly empathic abilities but just an extension of her other abilities. Miranda tended to listen far too little now adays, being the only Civilian JAG in Starfleet had done that to her. Curse that bastard Verazia at the JAG headquarters who had pressured her into this assignment.
It wasn't all bad however, being in a Starfleet uniform again was nice, even in civilian white it was comfortable being in her usual skin, but then again she had  been a member of the FCA for a few years............. regrettable.
Miranda was suddenly once again overcome by the sudden pain she had been plagued with since she had ventured out in to public and out of her office this morning. "Damn headaches." She mumbled to her self. As Miranda continued to massage her head she noticed the Betazoid sitting next to her doing the same.
"Headache Ensign?" Miranda asked, trying to listen to the subtle flow of emotions through the room, damn this empathy.
The young woman didn't look up for a few moments to address Miranda's query and when she picked her head up Miranda could tell without the stupid "Listening" ability. "Ah, yes.............." The woman answered, looking for an insignia on Miranda's collar to indicate her rank.
Miranda observed this and nodded slightly. "You won't find any pips on my collar anymore Ensign, I'm retired but I'm the Charon's JAG Afloat incase you were wondering, Miranda Xavier at your service." She answered, introducing her self. 
The young woman nodded but didn't look up, she was obviously stressed about something.
Miranda nodded it off, not the best conversation starter to be sure. Miranda then leapt up from her seat and traversed the stairs going down to the gold and black dining hall below. She walked past several more people depicting the same symptoms. Cradling their head, pressuring down on it with a few fingers, even the look on their faces gave a sense of an uncomfortable situation.
As she continued on her way to the Windows at the far end of the room, Miranda couldn't help but feel on edge about this whole situation around the room. Miranda had seen a similar circumstance happen on Ferenginar, only that was caused by mass trading and selling of stocks, not what appeared to be only telepaths having unusual headaches.
As she came to a stop at the frame of the window, Miranda noticed a very lovely view that seemed to take her mind off things. Curious, as she usually stayed very attentive to these types of things when people were on edge, including her self.
Miranda did however notice something similar about the view, but not something visually so, just......... a feeling as some would put it. Deja-vu almost, Miranda had never been to this side of space on her adventures so therefor it was impossible for her to recognize the view, maybe a similar circumstance? No, that was too simple. There was something familiar about this place......... this feeling rather. And she couldn't figure out what. 'Starfleet?' she asked her self. Maybe it was just the feeling of being in uniform again, the feeling of being part of the action.
Miranda sighed and shook it off, after all it hadn't been that long since she had left Starfleet.......... again. She turned her head to see another view of the galaxy outside and was startled by something, once again just a feeling.
"No..........." She mumbled to her self.
"It cant be............ can it?"
Miranda Xavier
JAG Afloat
USS Charon