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[USS Charon] SD241006.05 || Joint Log || Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax, Lt Skon

<<Slight backlog!>>


[USS Charon, Stellar Cartography]


Vulcans do not experience headaches. And if they did, they should be perfectly capable of controlling the discomfort. It was therefore quite … puzzling that Sakarra appeared still unable to make this very odd sensation go away.

Not even the fascinating sight projected into the cavernous room by Charon's powerful sensors provided a sufficient distraction … though it very nearly managed to make the young woman blink. There were no words for what was beginning to unravel here, right before their eyes. Marvelous, wondrous, all seemed… pale.

So Sakarra stood unmoving with hands clasped behind her back, listening patiently to a flock of scientists chattering excitedly, each attempting to give her a briefing ... all at once.


"Indeed, Ensign, I am quite aware of the implications. However, it is my understanding that Balmer absorption lines indicate a class two, yes?"

There was a brief pause as several mental gears screeched and scientists rearranged their thoughts to deal with someone who had at least a faint clue of what they were talking about – a rare occurrence to be sure.

It was into that moment of silence that the noise of doors swishing open fell like a gust of wind. And although Sakarra did not need to turn around to recognize the quiet, even steps approaching as familiar indeed, she could not immediately put a name to the approaching presence. How unusual. And just mildly disconcerting.


A brief glance over her shoulder identified the other Vulcan with the teal collar as the Ensign she had meant to speak to before this new discovery had thrown the entire department into disarray – a Le-Matya storming into a herd of Sha'amii could hardly have caused more excitement – and she gave a brief nod of greeting.


"Commander," said Skon returning the nod.


He hadn't anticipated meeting anyone from command to be present and while it was not an issue he straightened his back none the less and forgot about the burning image on the large display. Over the last few months on the Charon Skon had pretty much been confined to the lab which was where he was most comfortable but at the same time slightly remote. This small gathering was the largest he had seen since coming on board, other than the mess hall. Still, he knew, he had made himself useful.


His mind snapped back on the task at hand. "Hydrogen levels suggest a level two star using the balmer scale," he said to no one in particular but bringing his gaze back towards the large display.  "We will be the first to witness a supernova of this magnitude at such a close proximity for over 40 years." He looked around the room to make sure the importance of the statement was not lost on the people present. "We find ourselves in an unprecedented position and it is our responsibility to capture and catalogue this event to the smallest detail."


He looked back to the display, the image blurred slightly as he did so causing him to squint his vision into clarity. Tired, he thought, thinking of the night spent working on is sensor project rather than resting.


"Quite so, Ensign." The raven-haired young woman was in full agreement – though her face was an image of serenity, she was no less fascinated by this event than the happily buzzing scientists. In fact, she would not have objected in the least to being able to devote all her time to observing them and this phenomenon.


"However, there is the matter of assigning tasks to the appropriate personnel."

As it was, the department had been running smoothly under Mr Doyle's slightly unconventional leadership – but the near circus-like atmosphere in stellar cartography was ample proof that a successor had to be put in place as soon as possible. Quite unfortunate that the young human's health had forced him to step down at this juncture. Sakarra strongly suspected he would have derived a great deal of satisfaction from leading his department in this discovery.

"I should like to speak with you concerning this matter, Ensign Skon."

Before they got close enough to the star that all their time would be occupied by it.


Skon's brow furrowed slightly into a frown. He had not spoken much with his superior since his arrival on the Charon but he had assumed that Lt Doyle would be heading the research. In the excitement of the find he hadn't noticed a lack of direction from the Chief.


"Lt Doyle will be overseeing the operation?" asked Skon as he stepped closer to the Vulcan, his tone hushed.


"He will not." The melodious voice, so much like T'Leia's in its deep clarity, was low enough to be heard by none but the tall, slender male hovering near.

To any casual observer they might have debated this evening's mess hall menu or the fundamentals of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle – though in this room full of over-excited scientist it was a safe assumption none would have overly cared if the two Vulcans had suddenly pulled out feather hats and begun a show worthy of the Moulin Rouge.

"In fact, I have recommended you to lead the department in this matter and the Captain agrees." Pulling a PADD out of the warm uniform jacket, Sakarra tilted her head upwards and studied the minute frown on the other Vulcan's face "Considering your background, you are not only qualified but in fact the logical choice."


Skon raised an eyebrow, clearly displaying his surprise. He had hoped that his work would lead to more responsibility within the field of science on the Charon but he measured that scale in years rather than months. The chance to lead at such an auspicious occasion was not only an opportunity he could not afford to turn down but it might also help silence some of the criticism levelled at him from within his family.


"I am honoured," he replied with a slight nod of the head.


For the briefest of moments, there was a flicker of understanding in night black eyes. To be entrusted with more responsibility than one had expected on a ship one barely knew yet was an experience Sakarra could relate to. And her answer to the Captain back then had been the same the Ensign had given just now. After all, there could be no other.

We come to serve.

Still, the young woman estimated a high probability this scientist with the placid features would settle into the position with considerably less turbulence.


With the careful, yet somehow nonchalant elegance that conveyed both ease and the polite wish not to intrude into the other's personal space, Sakarra held out the PADD. "You will find the available personnel and their specialties listed, as well as current duty rotations. You are of course free to make changes as you see fit to ensure satisfactory results. However, I should recommend to not overly restructure the current team dynamics. While some may certainly be referred to as 'creative chaos', it has been my observation the creative part of the equation by far outweighs the chaos."

And that was putting it mildly.

But after all was said and done, it had been the unconventional thinking of scientists racing about the ship in most illogical fashion that had saved them all during their encounter with Warbirds in the Yy'a nebula.


"Thank you," said Skon, receiving the PADD.


The enormity of the task was beginning to sink in. His inexperience of dealing with other species, including humans, flashed through his mind quickly. He had a very defined way of doing things and had enjoyed a lot of freedom in the way he conducted himself till now. An ordered 'desk' was the sign of an ordered mind after all. It would not be easy, he admitted to himself, to conduct a department with such a mix of individuals while attempting at the same time to offer leadership, especially so soon into his Starfleet career. There were doubtless many hurdles he had yet to consider.


There would be many questions once there had been time to assimilate the data, he knew, but for the moment he allowed himself a small amount of satisfaction. A calm before the proverbial storm.


Glancing though the PADD quickly as he mused his mind not really taking in the data he found himself saying out loud. "There is much to do." He looked up quickly, "If there is nothing else Commander?"


"Only one more thing."

Commendable, though hardly unexpected that he would wish to get started immediately.

The young woman reached into her uniform jacket once more, pulling out a small velvet box.

Yes, Vulcans are known for 'standing on ceremony' – when the occasion requires or tradition demands it. However, they are also undeniably practical and Sakarra strongly suspected the scientist in front of her would not take it amiss to be spared the ritual humiliation often associated with public promotions – not to mention the ensuing festivities.

"The Captain wishes to offer you promotion to Lieutenant in recognition of your service and scientific expertise."


Tipping her head in a silent gesture that conveyed not only her agreement with the CO in this matter but her appreciation, Sakarra held out the little box. 


Skon looked at the box for a moment before taking it. He supposed logically a promotion would bring him in line with expectation given his new position but the Vulcan science officer still found himself surprised nonetheless.


"At the risk of sounding repetitive," Skon said after a moment of holding the small box in his hand, "thank you."


He looked up at the Sakarra, "I will endeavour to repay the trust placed in me."


Calm, patient eyes regarded the scientist in silence. Neither of those things had been necessary to be said out loud, but it was to be expected of one so impeccably polite.

"I am certain your performance will be satisfactory, Lieutenant Skon."


As pleasant as it was to be standing here in a pool of relative tranquility while all around them excited people raced to and fro, Sakarra knew the other Vulcan would wish to immerse himself in this discovery as well as his newly acquired duties – and she had given a promise to the healer to 'take it easy'.

"If you would please keep the bridge informed of your progress and provide the helm with the proper course for maximum sensor resolution and possible escape vectors. You may also enlist the Operations Officer's support at your discretion, Savant is a most versatile personality and should be pleased to provide assistance." Not to mention the good AI was likely just as fascinated as everyone else and appreciating the phenomenon in her own unique way.


Another brief, courteous tip of the head indicated that this time, there truly was nothing else and unless there were any questions, the Lieutenant was free to dive into the cheerful mayhem raging in stellar cartography.



[End Log]


LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


Lt Skon

Chief Science Officer


USS Charon