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[USS Charon] Sd241105.22 Revised Science Report/ +"Bolian coffee" Duty Log (Sciene Team)


//---Shuttlebay 1: Ferengi trading station---//


"I can't believe you actually paid for this."  Ensign Vorn, Arcos assistant, said to the stellar cartography assistant, petty officer Roberts.  As the two stood looking at a crate of Bolian coffee.

"It's not that big of a deal, he threw in some herbal remidies. Here take a look at the supply chart."  Then took a look at the crates he unloaded.

The Ferengi dealer looked over at them both whistled and said "Well I better be going." Then casually entered his shuttle and set course to leave as quickly as he could.

"OH NO…" They both said together.  "What are we going to do with 35 kilograms of Bolian herbal coffee!"

//----Science Office---//

"Please explain to me your research project proposal again Mr. Vorn?" Commander Arcos didn't quite get the cutting edge nature of the assignment.

"Well… it's like I said, we are going to put together two laboratory research projects.  One in Biology, one in chemistry…"

Arcos listened to the proposal then looked over at Enisgn Vorn.  "Alright… sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.  Where are you going to get a hold of the "So'latte" herb and the Gorn herbal remidies?"

"Don't worry about that sir… we got a good deal on both a week ago.  The supplies are being off loaded as we speak… just one thing.  The coffee er herbal solution had to be purchased by the crate."


"Well there's going to be a lot left over…"

"Why not open the study up to crew to participate in a clinical trial? Vorn, get talking to the Medical team… see if they have any ideas, otherwise… You two can disperse the extras as gifts from your monthly credit allowances."

The two palm faced… "Our Monthly Credit Allowances?"


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science officer


Ensign Vorn
Science Assistant


Petty Officer Roberts
Stellar Cartography Assistant


//Science Report – USS CHARON – Star Date:241105.22//

I. Schedule of Science Command Staff
II. Lab summary Table
III. Lab projects summary
IV. Bridge Functions
V. Damage/repair/casualty Report
VI. Science Commanders Comments

I.   Schedule(daily)
Name| position||rank| assignment|
    |first shift |Second shift| third shift|
Arcos Darye| Chief Science Officer| Commander | Department head
    |1)Bridge|2)office hours|3)OFF|   
Y. Beindocoff| Stellar Cartography| Lieutenant J.G | Research/Lab Management | NPC
    1)Research/Office| 2)OFF| 3)Bridge
B. Roberts| Beindocoff's Assist| PO3|Research/office| NPC
    1)Research| 2)Office| 3)OFF
S. Vorn| Science Officer| Ensign | Admin Assistant| NPC
    1)OFF|2)Bridge|3)office hours
I. Castillo| Geo Science |Petty Officer 1st| Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)office hours| 2)research| 3)OFF   
M. Blande| Bio Science| Ensign| Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)Office hours| 2)OFF| 3)Research
T. Yin| Chem Science| Chief Petty Officer | Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)Research| 2)office hours| 3)OFF
S. Ronsett| Phys Science| Lieutenant J.G | Research/Lab management| NPC
    1)OFF| 2)office hours| 3)Research
Ollanda| Cybernetics| Lieutenant J.G |Research/Lab Management| NPC
        1)OFF| 2)Research| 3)office hours
G. Yellin| Anthropology| Lieutenant J.G |Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1) Research|2) OFF| 3) office hours

C. Smith| Botany| Petty Officer 3rd class| Plant Care and harvest|

1) OFF| 2) Plant Care| 3) Office/OFF
Officers: 7|Enlisted: 16: 3 enlisted lab masters, 13 enlisted Lab assistants|

|Total Science Personnel: 24 (max 29/min 17/skeleton 3)|

II. Lab Summary Table

Labs | Lab master | Assigned assistants | Experiment
General Science | Department head charge | 1 | OPEN   
Biology | M. Blande | 2 |  Area Specifics/Gorn Herbal remides
Chemistry | T. Yin | 2 | Area Specifics/Bolian Coffee
Geo Science | I. Castillo | 2 | Area Specifics
Physics | S. Ronsett | 2 | Area Specifics/tri-probeII
Cybernetics | Ollanda | 2 | Probes/maintenance
Anthropology| G. Yellin | 1 | Area Specifics
Botany| C. Smith |    0(+1) | Caretaking/harvest
Stellar Cartography| Y. Beindocoff/B. Roberts | 1 | Area Specifics

III. Lab Project Summary

A) Biology: Biology mixes with a lot of the other fields, but the lab is utilized for a majority of the ships biological research including microbe study, cellar study, animal and space creature study, the study of Life, how it works, and how it continues to function today and in yester year.

Biology Officer in-charge:  M. Blande |OFFICE HOURS: 1st shift


Lab 1:  Local Life Forms – threats, cautions and general study

Lab 2:  Edible plants identification (works with botany)

Lab 3: Study of Gorn confederation herbs and remedies.

Progress Update:  Study of Gorn herbal remidies will commence tomorrow. Team will continue to research other edible plants of the nearby star systems and look for biological life forms that could pose a threat to away teams.  The team will launch several planetary probes to accomplish this task, selecting the most likely planets for the ships destination and then account for research friendly.

B) Chemistry: Chemistry studies the physical nature of life, the study of chemicals and elements how they react and work together with each other.  Chemistry often works with biology and physics to come to a closer understanding of what we explore on the ship.

Chemistry Officer in-Charge: T. Yin |OFFICE HOURS: 2nd Shift


Lab 1: Toxins and Chemical benefactors of Local Area

Lab 2: local medicinal secrets (joined with medical)

Lab 3: Study of So'latte: the Bolian coffees

Status update: Team brings in a study of a supply of bulk Bolian coffee equivalent.  Team will use known factors of traditional Earth coffee and compare them with the Bolian, as well as investigate claims of the supplier.

C) Geo-sciences:  The Geo Sciences department works with anthropology, Stellar Cartography, biology and other fields of science to grab a basis of the physical relationship of ecosystems, glaciations, gravitational pulls, tectonics, and seismic behavior of planets, moons, asteroids, and planetoids.

Geo-Sciences Officer in-Charge: I. Castillo |OFFICE HOURS: 1st Shift


Lab 1: Study of Ecosystems and Geological stability (localized area)

Lab 2: Development of celestial objects (localized area)

Status Update: Team will work with biology to gather planetary data through the launch of six recoverable probes to be designed by cybernetics.  Team hopes to gather from a flyby… the ecosystems and geological stability of the six chosen planets.

D) Physics: Physics assists in astrophysics, quantum physics, bio-physics, standard physics.  The Physics team answers question in gravitational effects, trajectory, and other physics challenges.  Often Physics will work with geology or stellar cartography.

Physics Officer in-Charge: S. Ronsett|OFFICE HOURS: 2nd Shift


Lab 1: Trajectory/masses/make up of celestial objects in sensor range

Lab 2: Tri-Probe Mission Two

Status Update: Tri-probe data from the previous mission has been categorized, identified, and sent to the computer logs.  Mission two will involve preparations for a second "Tri-probe" mission to be utilized on the next nebula research mission.  Team is already gathering data on what went well, and what could be changed.

E) Stellar Cartography: Stellar Cartography works with Astro-metrics to provide maps of the galaxy and studies the stars themselves mapping inner corona and outer solar system alike.


Stellar Cartography Officer in-Charge: Y. Beindocoff/B. Roberts |OFFICE HOURS: 1st shift/2nd shift


Astro-metrics: Star chart review and update (works with helm/navigation)

Lab 2: (Partnered with physics) Study of Celestial objects

Status Update: Team continues to assist the helm and astronavigators with star charts, while updating, collecting and maintaining the stellar maps.  It is likely that team will be able to assist both geo-sciences and physics department again this week.  The three teams have worked together on much of the classification and telemetry of celestial objects for several months now.

F) Cybernetics: The team plays a part in science cybernetics and robotics.  Together the team assists in probe assembly, repair, research, and equipment programming.  These guys play a major role in research set up, and develop new ways to keep us busy and tooling our research.

Cybernetics Officer in-charge: Ollanda |OFFICE HOURS: 3rd shift


Lab 1: Probe repair/construction/re-programming

Additional task: Maintain science equipment (works with engineering)

Additional task: Tri-probe assembly.

Status Update: Team is assisting engineering with repairs to science equipment, station, performing pre-diagnostics and diagnostics, assisting with calibration of lab equipment and putting together probes for science teams study.  In addition the team is preparing second probe construction for the physics experiment.

G) Anthropology: Part of the anthropologies job is to find out what humanoid life is like in surrounding solar systems.  They are basically a historian, but also provide an in-depth analysis in to cultures, societies and the way people live now, then… and on many worlds flourishing, dying, or since perished.  A lot of the teams focus is providing a guide for officers to use when approaching a world on or off duty.

Anthropology in-charge: G. Yellin |OFFICE HOURS: 3rd shift


Lab 1: study of local cultures, archeology, and developing peoples (works with ships counselor)

Lab 2: Gorn Confederation: what little we know of their herbs and medicinal secrets.

Status Update:  Team is analyzing record banks of all local civilizations and past civilization of passing inhabited or once inhabited celestial objects, natural or artificial.  In addition, team is helping to assist ships counselor with current peoples in area's customs, laws, and traditions, and economics. Team adds study of Gorn Confederation ancient herbs and dietary secrets.

H) Botany: The botany team, made up of volunteers and Department head, Petty Officer Chris A. Smith are continuing to care for the plants currently in the lab.  Also the botany science team does its best to provide additional foods for the chief to prepare.


Lab1: Care of plant and fungi specimens/care of harvest of edible specimens

Lab1-a: Care for the new Gorn Herb additions, providing live samples for the biology department.

Status Update: Volunteer teams are under the command of Petty Officer Smith.  Congratulations Petty Officer Smith,

I) General Science Lab: The General Science lab will be available at request, but is currently on standby for mission specific research.  The lab has holo-emitters for research and is shared with other departments as per request; departments can make use of the lab if unused by the science team.  The General Science lab is the ships state of the art science laboratory capable of housing six differing experimentations from any science department.  The lab assistant is charged with set up and preparing the lab for each team utilizing the lab.  Additional assistants can be utilized if necessary from other labs.


Shift 1: Morning coffee: Inner-Department Guest speaker (Science)

Shift 2: Lab prep/clean up

Shift 3:  -Open for study-



IV.  Bridge Operations

Science Bridge Crew:

     Commander Arcos Darye| Chief Science Officer| 1st Shift
     Lieutenant J.G Yuri Beindocoff| Stellar Cartography|3rd shift
     Ensign Samuel Vorn| Administrative Assistant|2nd shift

NOTE: The Bridge team is charged with gathering scans for the science department, requesting launch of science probes, and monitoring data for bridge operations.  All scans and data can be made available to other departments and teams on request.   The science lab teams may also monitor their portion of the scans from the bridge at their request, but is limited to lab masters and the science department officers.
V. Damage/repair/Personnel Report:

 +Science Labs

All Labs Functioning

+Science Stations

     All Stations Functioning

     +Science sensors/Deflector

           Function in standard norm


Officer injured:  0 (0 major – 0 minor – 0 Severe)

Enlisted injured: 0 (0 major – 0 minor – 0 Severe)

Promotion Request:
Personnel: Rank|PersonnelName|
à New Rank|Name






Training Requested:


Management Training:




VI. Science Commanders comments

+Lab Assignments: If you come up with a good research assignment, just begin the process in character by developing a Pre-Lab report. I have attached a request form, just fill it in, and write something in character above about your character putting the report together.

+Training:  If you are looking to advance in rank and you are a non-commissioned officer we will develop a role-play training month on in differing lab assistant positions.  Once completed you might be promoted to Technician, after you master a lab for another month we should be able to promote you to specialist… at which point you'd be specialized to an inner department.  As for leading a lab, we might be able to get you to work on your petty officer rank requirements and start training you on lab set up/and running the lab… not sure on the time requirement on that one, but we should be able to get you working on a story line in character.

+So'latte: Bolian Coffee exports have brought in some samples to be used for the chemistry department.  In addition to the samples needed for the lab, a bulk supply has left us in the excess of over thirty kg of "So'latte" Bolian coffee.  Inquire with the science department in acquiring yours today.

+Attached Reports: (NONE)