Sunday, May 22, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241105.22 - Duty Log "Faith" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

"It's not dying for faith that's so hard, it's living up to it." - William M. Thackeray

Note: This occurs approximately 4 hours after the events of Night Fall 3

[USS Charon, Captain's Quarters]

The light of the viewer gave the dim room a blue ambience.  Behind Shiarrael, on the couch, her twins were sound asleep with Nohtho draping himself across the entire length of the couch's legs like a long soft carpet to catch the children should they fall.  In front of her was the viewer dominated by a sleepless Trill president.  The volume was low but it was certainly loud enough for Shiarrael to hear the president's frustrated sigh.

"Captain- I have put a lot of faith into you.  You have to understand that with your position and the political dynamic of the Federation if you take a leave of absence now you may never be able to return.  Do you know how much trouble Enor went through to play you into that position?  Now he's dead and his detractors are relentless in trying to get rid of you.  What about his murder?  What about Spock?  You assured me you would handle this Captain."

"I'm sorry madam President.  However, I am of no use to you in my current state.  It is a matter of Mnhei'Sahe and much of what needs to be done cannot be done while I wear the uniform of Starfleet.  I will find Spock- I assure you.  I still have allies in the Empire but it cannot be done if I am bounded by your rules and regulations."  Shiarrael took in a deep breath "this is the only way Madam President."

Alazera frowned deeply "I won't pretend to understand the Romulan honor system- or the Klingon's for that matter.  If you say this is the only way then I will have to trust what you say.  Not that I don't find this all pretty damn ridiculous- however, Captain, even if you do not wear that uniform you still represent Starfleet.  You will still represent the Federation.  I hope you will consider that before you go off and do whatever it is you are about to go off and do.  Also, this will leave me in a very big imposition.  I'm not sure who they can replace you with that will have your level of knowledge of the Romulan inner system."

"I'm afraid this will be a very bloody affair madam President Starfleet representation aside.  However, there is one other person with similar knowledge.  Though I do not believe he will be pleased with such an assignment but he is not the kind to disregard an order."  Shiarrael smiled slightly wondering what he would do when he heard she suggested him?  At least she could have a little pleasure during this bitter moment.

"Captain- I'm not sure if you understand how things work but in the future save the details.  Shed the blood and then tell me later so I can tell everyone else I had no idea what the fuck you were up to.  Telling me ahead of time just makes it worse because now all I can say is I knew what you were up to but couldn't do a damn thing about it, and that makes me look bad."  Prim grimaced and leaned back in her chair "I think I know who you're referencing.   I'll pass the suggestion along to the commander in chief and Captain..."  She looked at Shiarrael "there are many who do not but I trusted Enor in his decision and I share his faith in you.  I hope you do not disappoint me."
"I understand madam president."  Shiarrael said quietly just before the signal ended and was replaced by a rotating Federation emblem.  She made her way to the kitchen and sat down across from a half finished bottle of Ale.  It was uncommon for her to drink that poison but today she needed it.  She requested and it was granted that the crew should not be informed of her departure until the replacement arrived.  it would make things easier- perhaps even ease some suspicion but there was no avoiding informing once officer.  No- she would have to tell Sakarra.  She owed her that much at least. 

Picking up the bottle she took an unhealthy swig and looked at the children sleeping on the couch.  And my poor children, she thought.  They will never know their grandparents as well as they should have.  I must be careful or they will never know their mother as well as they should have.  The morbid thought was sobering and she set the bottle down.  She had contacted Maiek and he had agreed to care for the children for her- at least they would be in good hands while she was gone.  Standing up she made her way to the bedroom to prepare for her journey into hell.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon