Saturday, May 14, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241104.14 - Personal Log "Night Fall" Pt 1 - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

[Romulus, T'Rehu Estate]

A gust of wind blew through the shattered window sending  tattered curtains fluttering wildly.   Shiarrael reached out and grabbed the jostling fabric jerking it loose from the railing before releasing her grip and letting it fall onto the glass strewn floor.  She gritted her teeth and turned around looking at Argelian "was this my doing?"

"It will do you little good to become too involved Shiarrael."  Argelian turned around and looked at her- his eyes were hollow and his cheeks bones were faintly visible.  The past few years as Galae'EnRiov had definitely worn him down.  "This is all I can do for you.  We will find the culprits but this is no longer your place."

While she had some sympathy towards the Galae'EnRiov it nowhere near outweighed her burgeoning rage.  "They murdered my parents.  Do you expect me to be still?"

His eyes narrowed "do not cause trouble Shiarrael.  You are a friend but you are no longer Rihannsu.  You do not have the power to do anything here.  Causing trouble here will only make your mission impossible and place me in a difficult position.  If you insist, however, then I will be forced to banish you and your ship from the system."

She trembled but bit her tongue and nodded her head "I understand Argelian."  Turning her back to him she made her way towards the large arching doors that led into the foyer- shattered glass grinding beneath her boots as she walked.  Shiarrael stopped and pressed her hang against the aged dark-wood turning her eyes behind her at the Galae'EnRiov.  You have changed- she thought with bitterness.  This world was more foreign to her then she remembered.  Pushing the heavy wooden door aside she walked out.

[Estate Grounds]

Shiarrael's boot steps were heavy as she made her way down the marble staircase that spiraled out from the lattice and past one of the grand pillars.  The normal grey-black marble was stained with blotches of green- her eyes watered at the sight but she kept her fury in check.  When she reached the stoned pathway that curved towards the flitter she noticed a small lithe figure in a Galae uniform standing in front of her flitter.  Shiarrael stopped midway down the path and called out to the stranger "can I help you?"

"Have you forgotten me already?"  The figure turned revealing her face.  Her features were soft but pleasant- lacking the rigid features prominent among many Romulans along with long glossy raven hair that was draped across the front of the woman's uniform down to the middle of her left breast.  The glowing amber eyes of this person was familiar.

"Taleirrh?"  Shiarrael could barely contain her surprise.  Taleirrh t'Illialhlae was her last RS aboard the Saeihr'llaiir.  "I cannot believe it!"  Her voice flickered with enthusiasm but her smile showed caution as she walked up to her old friend "you appear to have done well.  Khre'Riov?"

"Well?" Taleirrh laughed "I just managed to pet the right fools and eliminate my obstacles.  Quite an easy task for anyone motivated enough."  She smiled, but there was a hint of danger hidden in that warm expression.  Shiarrael noted this and decided to tread with added caution.  They had once been very close- but as with most things time can change even the staunchest of allies.

"What are you doing here?"  Shiarrael asked while smiling to soften the interrogative nature of her question- the curiosity, the hesitation, and hidden within it all the inherent distrust she felt towards anything unfamiliar.

"To help."  Taleirrh peered across Shiarrael's shoulder and smirked.  Shiarrael turned around to see Argelian exiting the estate and walking towards them.  Upon noticing Taleirrh he visibly tensed and the atmosphere suddenly became frigid.

"Jolan'tru Galae'EnRiov.  You look well I see."  Taleirrh might as well had dumped liquid nitrogen onto them as her greeting was equally if not more so frigid then the expression on Argelian's face.  For his part Argelian simply nodded his head.

"The Tal'Diann must not be very busy if you have time to preoccupy yourself with mischief Khre'Riov."  Argelian's eyes seemed to flicker in the brightness of Eisn as he walked past the pair and continued on towards his flitter and escorts.  Silence continued until the flitter's engine roared and hovered off into the distance.

Shiarrael looked at Taleirrh "you two appear to be on good terms."  She grinned but felt unsure about the situation.  Her eyes focused on the departing flitter as it shrunk into the horizon along with a fleet of escorts "things have changed greatly in two years."

Taleirrh smiled "two years is a lifetime."  She reached over and grabbed Shiarrael's shoulder "I knew Argelian would not help you.  He is too political these days.  Since AAnikh passed he has lost his composure and bows to the whims of the senate- a shame, but not something we should dwell on.  I came here to offer my assistance."

"Assistance?"  Shiarrael asked, surprised.

"Yes, why do you look surprised?"  Taleirrh chuckled "no matter- but not here.  I will send an escort for you later."  She turned and walked towards her flitter "and Shiarrael.  Some advice- do not trust anyone.  Not even your own distant blood."

As Taleirrh entered the driver compartment of her flitter Shiarrael stood still pondering her words.  Not even my own distant blood?  Was this a hint as to who killed her parents?  She frowned.  Cryptic statements were the dung of the Tal'Shiarr- that the Tal'Diann could no longer be direct frustrated her.