Sunday, May 22, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241105.22 - Personal/Duty Log "Night Fall" Pt 3 - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

Note: This log occurs approximately 12 hours after the events of Night Fall Part 2

 "It is not the errors of others, but our own miscalculations, on which we wreak our lasting vengeance. It is ourselves that we cannot forgive." William Hazlitt

[Romulus, Khre'Riov Taleirrh Residence]

 The flitter had came with the first morning light as Taleirrh had assured her, not that Shiarrael found any comfort in the consistency.  Taleirrh had always been a clever girl and it was always dangerous to enter a Thrai's nest.  It seem the Khre'Riov's residence was located in the admiralty quarter of I'Ramnau- a section of apartments for the highest ranking military officials in the Galae.  That she may run into a few old acquaintances irritated her.  It was then the flitter slowed and lowered towards a side curb along the long broad roadway.  The door slide open and Shiarrael stepped out- she immediate noticed several sharp gazes fall upon her but ignored them.

"Shiarrael, welcome."  Taleirrh was standing at the doorway to her apartment wearing a casual shirt and a pair of colorless grey pants.  "It seems they recognize you."  She smiled, nodded at the gazes with apparent amusement and then turned beckoning Shiarrael to follow her in "I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable would you like a drink?  Do you still favor rhennish or would you like something more terran?  I have some of their sour citrus concoction called 'orange juice' strange stuff at that- but it does well mixed with a little ale."

"Mixed with ale?"  Shiarrael chuckled feeling her tension ease slightly.  She made her way around the rather colorful apartment picking up trinkets here and there to gaze at while she waited for her host.  "You gave me a warning Taleirrh" Shiarrael said as she picked up a bronze pyramid shaped object that held an eye at its center.  She set it down as Taleirrh reappeared with a bottle of rhennsih and two glasses and set them on a small table nearby.  Shiarrael turned to face her "by distant blood were you referring to Ro'Wena t'Rehu?"

Taleirrh smiled and popped open the bottle of rhennish filling both glasses.  "What did I mean?  Ah yes, that bit of advice."  She picked up one of the glasses and held it out for Shiarrael to take "I knew you were good Shiarrael.  Very good.  So you found out.  I'm curious but it doesn't really matter how.  Indeed your cousin is responsible and because it is a intra-clan feud there is no reason for others to involve themselves.  She has built herself quite a powerbase you know.  She is now an Ael'Riov but works under Argelian in the command infrastructure.  Ever since your fall from grace she has been trying to push you out.  Apparently she grew impatient with your parents' reluctance.  After all- you're not officially a traitor but everyone knows otherwise."

Shiarrael sipped the rhennish ignoring the last comment and focusing her thoughts on the others "she works under Argelian?"  Her teeth grinded as she began to squeeze the glass in her hands "are you telling me that this is the reason why he has tried so hard to dissuade me?  Is he aware of this?  I do not believe..."   

"Believe what you will Shiarrael.  You always have.  I am just telling you what I know.  Whether or not Argelian is aware of this is unimportant.  Ro'Wena used news of you foiling Itsak's plan to cloak the true nature of what happened to your parents.  It was not really about you- I'm sure you've figured this by now?  She has wanted her family to lead S'Rehu (clan rehu) for quite some time.  You simply offered her reason and opportunity.  Though, I must admit, she is quite brazen."  Taleirrh smirked and sipped the violet liquid swirling in her glass "there was a time when few would tempt your ire- a time when Riov Yhisu would just as easily as gut a fool on her bridge as she would sip a glass of rhennish.  Though it appears quite true that time changes things."

"Things certainly do change."  Shiarrael replied, her tone colder then space itself.  She looked at Taleirrh less concerned and more agitated "you offered to assist me.  I know you Taleirrh- and while time may change some things, it's very difficult to change someone's nature."  Shiarrael released her tight grip on the glass and sipped her rhennish before finishing "and you have always been good when it comes to things that benefit you.  So, you will assist me, but why?  How does this aid you?"

"Simple politics."  A third voice said from the backroom.  Taleirrh wore a broad grin as the figure walked out.  He was tall with broad shoulders- a clever expression on his face.  His hair was pure iron save for a tiny speck of silver beginning to grace the edges of his sideburns and his eyes were black as night.  His cheeks were high but thin and his chin only slightly protruded.   There was a familiarity about him but Shiarrael couldn't quite place it.  He wore a Galae uniform- EnRiov by the insignia.  "I'm sorry- I should introduce myself.  EnRiov Terrh tr'Radiak.  Commander of the fourth Galae."

"I see some things never change."  Shiarrael commented wearily at the sudden appearance of this new 'guest' who had heard everything already.  "And what simple politics would this be?  Forgive my ignorance but I'm sure you are already well aware I have been absent for awhile.  I am not really familiar with current politics but I'm sure it still involves treachery and bloodshed."

"Ah, is that the infamous sarcasm I've heard so much about?"  Terrh looked at Taleirrh with a smirk "but indeed" he returned his gaze to Shiarrael "what is politics without a little fire to make it interesting?"  He chuckled briefly "But now I will get to the point.  Argelian is set to retire.  Not many know this but he has given the rest of the high command notice of his intentions.  He has suggested EnRiov Joalin t'Verenik as his replacement.  Odd no?  One would have thought he would have suggested tr'Shiarkek who has been serving him as deputy for the past few years.  Joalin is close to the gilgamma- we cannot have that.  The next Galae'EnRiov must be a zorek or a zorek ally.  Your cousin supports this as do some others- it will be very close on who is decided upon depending on minor influences.  If she becomes hru'hfirh (lord) of S'Rehu it will tip things in their favor.  We cannot allow that."

"Simple politics I see."  As if there was anything simple about all that tripe.  Shiarrael sighed and considered it for a moment "so you will help me?"  She looked at the pair "you will help me kill Ro'Wena and the allies that aided her in murdering my parents?  You will also help me move the seat of S'Rehu from this hellhole to ch'Ahuian?"

The answer was a long silence.  So they didn't expect this from me?  Shiarrael wondered.  Did they think I had changed that much?  That my anger could be quenched so easily without a rightful vengeance?  Simple politics was it?  There is more to this I know, but what I do not.   

Finally Taleirrh spoke up as Terrh seemed to be still considering what Shiarrael said "it will be nasty affair Shiarrael.  Killing Ro'Wena will be very dirty.  Very bloody.  Argelian will not be pleased either.  However," she smirked "if that is what you want then I will aid you as best I can.  Forgive what I said earlier- I was wrong.  You still have that bloodlust in you.  Though, I do have one question.  How will you reconcile so much bloodshed with suit you are wearing?  Certainly Starfleet doesn't have stomach for this kind of work."
"No, they don't."  Shiarrael pulled off her commbadge and set it on the table next to the bottle of rhennish "from this moment I will not be involved with Starfleet until this matter is settled."

"Hmm."  Terrh looked up interested "so you will leave Starfleet to do this."  He grinned "you know- there is still a place for you in the Galae t'Rehu.  If you give us information on their border security- their contingency plans...certainly such a wealth of information could see you given a wing- or maybe even a fleet if the right person were to become Galae'EnRiov.  You would have the power to seek vengeance on the people who murdered your parents yourself and your support..."

"Please do not tease me with such vileness.  Perhaps most of the empire has forgotten the meaning of Mnhei'Sahe but I have not."  Shiarrael threw the glass of rhennish onto the flood letting it shatter around Radiak's feet "I will not betray my crew.  Not even to avenge my parents.  Now if you both will excuse me.  I have some planning to do."  She turned around and walked away.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon