Sunday, March 20, 2011

[USS Charon] Sim Announcement - USS Charon

Hey Guys

The past month has been tough.  As you all know I am a university student who is trying to complete pre-medical coursework for PA or if I decide to, medical school.  I am very busy with my curriculum but not only that I also volunteer extensively in my local community both in terms of animal rescue and people who are down on their luck.  Because of all of this I am insanely busy and the sim has suffered.  I originally intended to step down however after speaking to some of you and I-Chaya I have decided instead of take a three month hiatus from simming and put the sim in I-Chaya's complete care during that time period. 

I urge you all to work with her and bring the sim back to it's strength.  During this time period I will remain in an administrative (website, forums) capacity as well as try to develope the sim universe a little more when I do have free time.

When the three month hiatus up I will reevaluate whether or not I can commit in the long term.  If not we will collectively decide on the future of the Charon when that time comes.