Monday, March 7, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241103.06 - Crossroads Plot Log "Distant Thunder" Part II

<<OOC: Medical can handle the autopsy...>>

[USS Warrior, Sickbay, Morgue]

"Is this it?"  Shiarrael asked.  Her fingers touched the black plastic film that covered the corpse.  The cold trickled through her fingers and into her spine.  Sadness enveloped her- while she had many disagreements with Enor she had come to respect the Admiral.  His death was certainly a shame and only added to her recent feelings of emptiness.

Captain Isaiah Pope nodded.  His light brown eyes looked down at the tarp as he ran his ebony hand casually through peppered hair "this is Jolias.  However- Enor is missing."

Shiarrael peeled the film away only to find a cold, pale, lifeless reflection of the trill admiral.  His eyes were closed and he appeared serene in his state.  She frowned and looked at Pope "what do you mean?  Enor is right here."

"No."  Pope clarified "the Enor symbiont.  The symbiont is missing.  My men have scoured the compound with the Romulans for any signs of the symbiont but there is nothing.  The Admiral did not sustain any injuries in the abdominal cavity where the symbiont would have been stored.  My chief medical officer discovered a deep knife wound that pierced the Admiral's heart and also seemed to have been used to cut out the symbiont."

"So Enor was not killed in the explosion?"  Shiarrael glanced at the corpse "so the questions continue to mount.  Were you able to gather any evidence?"

"Unfortunately the Romulans forcefully secured the area before we could get down any teams and by the time we did there was very little left.  But I think things speak for themselves.  It's pretty obvious that the Romulans attacked the embassy to prevent the Ambassador and Admiral from speaking with the Praetor."  Pope said, pulling the plastic covering back over Enor.

 "Is it so obvious?"  Shiarrael asked "you have not gathered any meaninful evidence.  You have allowed the Romulans to tamper with the crime scene- a place they should not be because it is rightfully Federation territory.  So Captain. please enlighten me as to how you have come to this conclusion.  Perhaps I am naive or simply stupid."

Pope activated the stasis field around the Admiral's covered body "I didn't mean any offense Captain but it is what the Romulans do.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was the Tal'Shiar.  To get through such security it had to be them."

"Tal'Shiar?  Do not be silly.  The Tal'Shiar are ruthless indeed but they are not sloppy.  Enor and the Ambassador would have been dead long before they stepped off your ship.  No, it was something else.  I also doubt the Galae would have moved in a manner that would have killed the Praetor.  The agency would also have not stood for such treason."  Shiarrael licked her lips deep in thought. 

"Well, we honestly don't know if the Praetor actually died.  No one saw her body.  She was long gone before our rescue teams got there but it was chaotic."  Pope said.

"My people are excellent at subterfuge.  It would not surprise me if she was alive."  Things were getting too complicated even for Shiarrael "I am having someone come get the Admiral's body for delivery to the Charon immediately."

"What?" Pope looked surprised "Captain- this is where he belongs.  He used to command this ship."

"He's dead.  I assure you he will not rise up in protest.  I want a thorough autopsy conducted.  Since the Charon is in charge of this matter it will conducted aboard my ship.  Someone will be here shortly to collect the body."  Shiarrael said.

Pope grimaced but nodded his head "but my CMO should be present."

"If you wish."  Replied nonchalantly as her commbadge chirped.  She pressed the device "Shiarrael here."

"Captain the Romulan government has approved that flitter and driver you requested."

Finally, I can get to the root of these matters.  "Good, inform them I will be down shortly and inform the CMO that she can expect the Admiral's body soon."