Thursday, March 3, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241103.03 || Personal Log || " Rude Awakening..." CNS Ens.V. Dwellon

SD241103.03 - U.S.S Charon - Quarters

Vae had been having one of those rare nights where she had actually managed to fall asleep. Not only that, but she was having the weirdest dream. She was sailing, an endless sea was around her, unable to find her way to land. Rocking, back and forth, till a wave came and capsized her boat, causing her to tumble into the water.

The feeling of the deck against her body jolted her from her sleep, as she opened her eyes to look around she was greeted with a rather surprising sight.

It would seem as though she was watching herself get into bed all over again, only it was the night before the present time. " What on Betazed?" A brow raised as she watched the vision dissipate once she curled up in the invisible covers.

Her messy quarters and the red alert klaxon's shocked her out of her groggy state as she rushed to dress into a clean uniform, slip on her boots and grab an apple before she left for the bridge. Coming to a stop as she walked into what she thought was another crew member, only to have them disappear right as she walked through them.

" What.... is going... on?" Her eyes looked around as she noticed lots of ghostly renditions of crew members around the corridors.

She took a large bite of the apple as she walked down the corridor, seeing a young Crewman picking himself up off the deck, she asked if he needed any assistance, when he shook his head she continued on her way. Wondering exactly what could have happened to cause the force needed to knock her out of bed.

=/\= End Personal Log =/\=

Ensign Vae Dwellon
Chief Counselor
U.S.S Charon