Monday, March 7, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241103.06 - Crossroads Plot Log "Distant Thunder" Part I

<<OOC: Security, Engineering, Science, Marines- set up your equipment and prep your men.  Security will assist with the investigation while Science and Engineering spearhead the forensic analysis aspect.  Have at it, think CSI, and Marines will be in charge of primary securing the compound>>

[Romulus, Ra'tleihfi]

The light of Eisn's cold morning gaze was filtered out by a haze that also turned the city's towers into dark silhouettes.  From the sky several bright search lights shimmered through the thick air before focusing on the burned out remains of the Federation Embassy.  Following the lights were five shuttles that simultaneously extended their landing struts and made their way towards the debris filled embassy courtyard.

The first shuttle touched down next to a blown out column.  It's rear hatch immediately extended.  As soon as the hatch fully opened Shiarrael walked followed by heavily armored security personnel.  She inhaled deeply, seemed to glance off into the obscured distance, and then made her way down the small gangway towards the charred building in front of her.  Several dozen Romulan soldiers had made a parameter and raised their weapons to meet her.  She glared at them disdainfully "hanadra yytaera, mnean ihir na aerhii ninte solaere."  [Please Leave, we do not require your help].

The lead soldier returned her glare- and then turned to his subordinate and smirked "susse aelhe-a susse-a Rihannsu ssuy." [She thinks' she is Romulan still]  He chuckled and  threw a nasty glance her way.  The line of soldiers chuckled at the insult.

The movement was so sudden that it even stunned her own security escort.  Shiarrael stepped forward, grabbed the Arrain by his uniform's collar, and shoved him back causing him to backpedal behind the line soldiers until he finally tripped over his own feet and fell when she released her hold.  His weapon banged loudly across the concrete as it jarred from his grip on impact.  Fury spread into his expression but the Captain's icy return froze everyone to silence.  She kneeled down- examined the Vrelnec latched onto his utility belt before looking at him "This is Federation territory by interstellar law.  Withdraw or we will remove you forcefully.  No matter how much your handlers may detest me- I doubt even they would want another incident.  We appreciate your assistance but it is no longer required.  Now leave."  She stood up and then held out her hand.

 The Arrain brushed it away and stood up collecting his weapon.  "denae arhva!"  He shouted at his men and briskly marched towards the compound's exit.  Shiarrael watched him leave and then turned to her attention to the Marines that were making their own way down to the take the position the Romulans had once occupied "Aria" she addressed the leader of the contingent "try not to kill anyone.  You have your orders so I will leave securing the area up to you."  She nodded at the woman and then made her way into the charred remains of the embassy.  

Glass and other debris crunched between her boots.  She studied the soot covered interior- ran a finger across a black and melted window frame.  Glanced at her stained digits wondering who could have been responsible for the attack.  With a tired sigh she pressed her commbadge "Savant, I will leave organizing the investigation teams up to you Captain.  Please monitor the Romulan communication network for any sign of the Ambassador.  In the meantime I will speak with the Captain of the Warrior and begin working my sources on the planet."

With one last glance at the damaged hulk she pressed her commbadge again "Warrior- this Captain Rehu.  You may beam me up now."

[To be continued...]