Monday, December 6, 2010

[USS Charon] [USS Corsair] - SD241012.06 || "Destination: Vulcan" || Cpt. Taverain Ramius

U.S.S. Corsair - NX-011979
Nebula II Prototype
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Destination:  Vulcan”

“Computer.  Begin playback of dossier file  Let us see if the good ambassador is worth the effort involved in retrieving his files.”


“Subject:  Lamont, Ian.  Physical characteristics –“


“Computer, skip physical description.”


Subject:  Lamont, Ian

Starfleet Rank:  Commander

Current Assignment:  USS Charon, Beta Quadrant, Diplomatic Advisor

Title:  Federation Ambassador, 1st Diplomatic Detachment, Federation Diplomacy Corps


Diplomatic Skills:  Excels at delicate negotiations.  Excellent candidate for first contact opportunities due to requisite skill set.  Fluent and/or well versed in Romulan, Vulcan, and Klingon.  Ambitious with strong desire to succeed and excel.


Psychological Profile:  Cool, professional when on duty or in uniform.  Ambitious and confident bordering on obsessive.  Some indications of perfectionism have been noted.  Testing and evaluation suggest subject’s demeanor can be erratic on occasion when off duty.  Subject is prone to moodiness and occasional releases of pent up anger and frustration possibly a result of childhood trauma or other regret which appears to afflict the subject on a deep, personal level.  Officer is generally uncooperative during psychological evaluations and evasive when answering questions.  The decline of the Lamont family and loss of political clout as a result of unsubstantiated rumor and scandal may be a factor in the officer’s behavior.  Officer’s mental condition while normal should be evaluated yearly.  Officer should be reminded on a regular basis of the benefits of counseling and successes of any therapies that may be recommended by qualified staff.


Officer’s History follows…


“Computer, summarize history please.”




Enrolled and accepted into Starfleet Academy.  Excelled in grammar, linguistics, languages, communications, and drama.  Upon graduation assigned to Starbase 101.  Upon outbreak of Dominion War, transferred to USS Lexington as third officer.  Served aboard USS Lexington with distinction until end of Dominion conflict.  Upon recommendation of Captain Soranis, transferred from Naval duties to Federation Diplomatic Corps.  Assigned as adjutant to Ambassador Bryant Fulton.  Promoted to advisor and then to full ambassador upon the outbreak of second dominion war.  Highly successful and skilled officer successfully completing dozens of war time assignments with distinction.  Assigned to alpha quadrant, sector 21 and later as representative in section 32 of Romulan Neutral Zone as diplomatic advisor to Starfleet Strategic Operations upon conclusion of Second Dominion War.  Later transferred to USS Charon as diplomatic advisor.  USS Charon is currently on two year mission to explore unexplored territory in Beta Quadrant.  End Duty History.”


With a sigh, Captain Taverain Ramius leaned back in his chair.  With his boots on his desk and a cup of coffee in his hand the captain was rather relaxed for listening to a most serious subject.


“Computer, that doesn’t tell me very much about the man at all.  Are there any negative comments in the dossier?”




“Why do these people always have to be so squeaky clean?  For once can’t one of them have some thread of criminality on record?  Do they all have to be perfect, model officers?”


“Question unclear.  Please repeat request.”


“Quiet computer.  I’m not talking to you”, Ramius snapped sipping his coffee. 


And yet again he was faced with an officer directly implicated in past events on the Astate Colony.  That colony, situated in the middle of the Romulan Neutral Zone, had been the epicenter of events regarding the insidious defense corporation known as NeoDyne.  Their agents had somehow managed to construct a hidden research facility and managed to keep it secret from both the Romulans and the Federation on a contested world.  Field operative and intelligence specialist Zane Akina had tracked the NeoDyne connection to Astate and accidentally stumbled upon the facility after a wave of unexplained events.  In a cataclysmic conclusion, NeoDyne agents activated a massive nuclear device which destroyed the small Astate island along with the research facility and all traces of their activities.  Only a handful of Starfleet’s top brass were ever informed of the details as the blast was ruled an accident.


All they had was circumstantial evidence from that event, but Ramius had slowly been building his case against the NeoDyne Corporation for his entire adult life.  They had ruined his family and continued to ruin the lives of people who became trapped in its deadly web.  Their secret activities had to be exposed and Ramius was tasked with doing just that – with a crew, a starship, and the blessing of Starfleet intelligence to operate outside of conventional rules and regulations to bring down the ambitious corporation, its nefarious leadership, and its hidden agenda.  Time.  Time would see an end to the company once and for all as Ramius had sworn to defeat them at any and all costs to end the misery, pain, and suffering they had brought and continued to unleash upon the galaxy and the living.


Ramius looked up as his ready room door swished open.  Captain Zane Akina entered holding a padd.


“You could have knocked”, Ramius muttered switching off his computer.


“Any luck with the Ambassador’s files?”


“No”, Ramius replied.  “He’s clean.  Yet we have proof he was involved in the Astate affair.  I must know what his connection to NeoDyne is.  He is our only living link on them.  NeoDyne is far too efficient at eliminating its loose ends.  Our last informant was found dead a day before we arrived.  I cannot allow NeoDyne to get to him first!  Not this time!  I want to ask him a few questions and then ask him a few more.”


“Looking forward to chatting with the ambassador are you captain”, Akina stated with a modest smile.


“Indeed.  He has blood on his hands and now that he’s back in the Alpha Quadrant I am sure certain sharks will be drawn to his scent and move in for the kill.”


“Astate was nearly three years ago.  Do you believe NeoDyne will go after him?”


“Yes.  We have no idea what he knows.  He knows something.  Possibly far more than anyone realizes.  He’s a diplomat and they can be quite good at manipulating people and events to achieve specific outcomes.  If I remember the ambassador’s involvement then so does NeoDyne.  The mere fact that we have hurt them makes them even more dangerous.  They will tie off every lead to make the trail go cold.  They know they are being hunted.  If I were them, I’d kill him too even if he knew nothing, nothing at all.”


“My, aren’t we cheerful company this morning.  Here are the intelligence reports you requested.  Oh by the way, just how did you intend to secure Mr. Lamont once we reach Vulcan?”


“Why do you ask?”


“His commanding officer is a bit of an interesting read.  She’s an ex-Romulan soldier.  Quite formidable according to her records and reputation.  Storming her ship in your trademark fashion won’t go over well with her I would surmise.  Captain Shiarrael T’Rehu.  Ring any bells?”


“Hmm…perhaps.  It’s of little consequence.  If she gets in my way then I will deal with her.  I do not intend to be stopped by a captain, Romulan or otherwise.”


“You need a vacation Ramius.  You’ve been chasing NeoDyne too long I fear.”


“Perhaps, but I cannot rest until that company is ruined and its leader is dead or behind bars forever.  They’ve done too much to ruin life in this universe.”


“Well I best get back to work.  Oh, helm wanted to inform you Vulcan is roughly 48 hours away present speed.  Engineering also mentioned the engines should be cool enough for warp nine again in another five hours since you nearly melted them yesterday.”


“And I’ll finish melting them if it gets me to Vulcan ahead of NeoDyne”, Ramius replied.


“I’ll be sure to tell Kusinagi that.  He’ll be all smiles in Engineering knowing you said that.”


“He can smile once we’re at Vulcan and I have the ambassador alone under a very, very bright light.”


“Noted”, Akina answered.  He left the ready room and the brooding captain.


“Geesh he needs a new hobby”, Akina muttered under his breath before heading toward the turbolift.



[ To Be Continued ]



Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina

Intelligence Operative