Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[USS Charon] [Lakat, Cardassia] SD241012.22 | The Rising Sun | Cardassian High Command

/||\ High Command Chambers, Lakat, Cardassia /||\

Vi-ria Gul Vinet Durel - Chairman, Cardassian High Command

The sun was setting over the westward marches of Lakat, also known as Central City among the natives, as a small group of uniformed officers gathered in the high-ceilinged chamber. As they gathered at the base of an elevated podium, rather than take their seats at the various tables around the room (all facing the podium), there was a murmur of hushed conversations traveling back and forth across the group.


At the back of the chamber, the two heavy wooden doors flung open with an echoing thud as a new trio of officers entered. The gathered group retreated to allow them a path, and one took to the podium as the other two took up position on either side of it.


"Good evening," began Vi-ria Gul Durel as he scanned the faces below him. "I know the hour is late, and most of you have families to attend to, but I thought this was worth announcing to you all immediately. Forty years after the tragedies of the Dominion War, forty years of fighting to reestablish ourselves as a dominate power in the Alpha Quadrant, and we've finally reached the next milestone."


He shifted a display device on the podium and read aloud, "To Vi-ria Gul Vinet Durel, Overseer of Cardassian High Command; from Glinn Entet Suram, Commander of Dessok Nor. Construction has been completed on the Dessok Shipyards. The construction crews and engineers await your orders."


Durel looked back up to the crowd, several of whom were once again murmuring to one another, "This is a great day for Cardassia! For a generation we have struggled to regain our footing in the Alpha Quadrant, but no longer will that be an issue! I have, as of this afternoon, ordered the production of Galor-class warships to begin in full swing! This new yard, coupled with those here at Cardassia, will ensure our continued growth and recovery."


"What of the Federation?" asked one of the nameless faces.


Durel swatted the air with his hand, "The Federation will have no say in this matter. In time they will once again learn to fear the might of the Cardassian people!"


Another face spoke up, "And the Detapa Council? They have approved the construction of these warships?"


A sly grin spread across the Vi-ria Gul's face as she casually shrugged, "Their opinions were…noted and overruled. There is nothing that can stop the wheels of progress from turning."


There was a round of applause and the volume of the murmuring rose greatly for several moments as the crowd of officers approved of these developments.


"My brothers and sisters," Durel continued, "I have recalled the bulk of our fleet to Cardassia and, with Malnor and the Thorkahn at the head of our spear, we will prepare to strike out once more into the galaxy! Long live the union!"


/||\ To Be Continued... /||\
Vi-ria Gul Vinet Durel
Cardassian High Command