Friday, December 10, 2010

[USS Charon] [Earth, Paris] SD241012.10 - Federation Backlog - President Alazera Prim, Admiral Trix, Admiral Zhen, and Admiral Enor

Two months ago...

[Earth, Paris]

"And where was Starfleet when this happening?"  Alazera Prim's dark eyes gazed across her desk and focused squarely on the Tellarite Admiral standing before her as her forehead creased noticeably curving around her shadow of spots "how can one of our core worlds be so vulnerable to attack!"  She slammed her fist onto the desk shaking the glass of tea that had long since cooled while her mood did otherwise.

Admiral Trix huffed at the overly dramatic display.  His eyes creased evenly as his snout twitched in agitation at the President.  "We were unaware of this technology- apparently the Vulcans had developed it secretly and kept its disappearance equally quiet.  We're not fortune tellers Madame President.  We had no information that Vulcan might be attacked!  You can't blame us for..."

"I can blame you Admiral."  Alazera stood up "because you can damn well be sure that the people will blame me.  A head has to roll here.  Fortunately for you the term is figurative.  Admiral Trix I will have my Chief of Staff write up your resignation speech for you.  I suggest you keep point and save us any further embarrassment." 

Trix wrapped his fat fingers around the gold framed Admiralty coat that wrapped loosely around his bulky frame and tugged on it while his hands began to shiver in rage " dare you!  You can't sack me for something I am not responsible for!  This is ridiculous!  It's the Vulcans!  It's their own damn fault!  They lied to us!"

"I'm not sacking you."  The President said as a chill crept into the room "no, I'm giving you the ability to step away in a dignified manner.  If you decide that this arrangement is not adequate then I "will" sack you and lay the entire responsibility of this disaster on your shoulders."  Her eyes narrowed into bladed edges as she wrapped a finger around the ceramic tea cup's thin handle "the decision is yours Trix.  Which will it be?"  She lifted the cup to her lips and took a small sip while watching the Admiral's furious expression over the cup's rim.  Finally he simply turned around and storm out letting the doors slam close behind him.  "Good choice."  She muttered and set the teacup down. 

A moment later the doors burst open and Ra'Madari, her Efrosian chief of staff, entered followed by two other Admirals.  To the Efrosian's left was Admiral Nanthrissa Zhen- the Andorian Admiral was the notorious former head of Starfleet Intelligence before she was reassigned to Starbase duty by Trix.  The one to the Efrosian's right the President knew on a more personal level.  Admiral Jolias Enor- the current commander of Starfleet Operations, another famous trill whom she had once shared a marriage with in a past life.

"Trix did not take the news well?" Ratlin smirked as he the ushered the Admiral's in "he made quite a racket."

"He has always been full of air."  Nanthrissa noted wryly before tossing a knowing glance towards the President.  This expression was shared by Enor as both Admirals were quickly ushered into seats directly across from the President's desk.

"I'm glad you both could make it."  Alazera sat down and let a more relaxed posture overtake her "since it appears you overheard our conversation I guess I can be very brief- Trix was an imbecile.  The matter on Vulcan will follow his career to a quick grave.  However- there are lingering issues which must be settled.  It will be in everyone's best interest if it is done discreetly and quickly.  Nanthrissa I want you to take over the reins of Starfleet- I'll arm muscle you through the Security Council to make sure it gets done.  I'm sure Aniri will be happy to oblige with a fellow Andorian as the candidate."

"Me?  Head Starfleet?"  Nanthrissa grinned sheepishly and waved off the nation "are you sure you want to do this Prim?  I have spent a lot of time in the fleet making enemies" her expression hardened "Trix may be an imbecile but he has a lot of support in the Council- where as I do not.  You may find my appointment as Starfleet Commander a difficult undertaking."

"I know- which is why I, along with Iyaru, will force it through."  Alazera smirked "you will be my Starfleet Commander- Council be damned."  She looked at Enor "and you Jolias.  You have made a lot of Romulan friends, aye?"

Jolias sat up and chuckled "you're being sarcastic I hope?  I did work with them for awhile when I was heading up our forces on Astate- but that was years ago."

"Even so- you have interacted with the Empire more than any other Admiral I know of.  I am sending a high level envoy to Romulus followed by a high level representative from our military to show the Romulans how serious we are about this matter, short of war."  Prim picked up her glass of tea and took a sip "as you probably realize you are our military representative.  As for our diplomatic envoy- I have spoken to one of our most decorated diplomats.  The Ambassador is currently in quasi retirement on Vulcan but he is our foremost expert on the Romulan body politic.  He has agreed to this undertaking as his last foray into the diplomatic arena.  I have sent a high level transport to pick up Ambassador..."

[To be continued...]