Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241106.28 - Plot Log "Awakening" Pt 1 - Captain Khiy Kanryth

[Baldanara System, Near Klingon Border]

Kaen tapped his fingers on the armrest while studying the viewscreen.  The Quantum Fury, cloaked amidst the stars, lurked just a few hundred meters beneath a Ferengi freighter and a Klingon BOP.  "I wonder what they are doing?"  The Cardassian smirked and leaned forward and turned looking at his Romulan Captain "maybe the Ferengi are just delivering a supply of gourmet Gagh?  With some crates of bloodwine to wash it down with and a few grubs for dessert?"  He flashed his teeth in a grin "ah, the thought makes me hungry."

"Hungry?"  A disgusted voice rose from behind them at the base of the turbolift.  The fiery red headed chief medical officer crossed the bridge until she stood next to Khiy- her green eyes angrily focusing on the Cardassian next to him "that is one thing the Klingons and Ferengi have in common- nasty eating habits and as for you commander...  If I smell another plate of fish in the mess I think I'm going to vomit."

"Why doctor- now that you mention it.  I had a little for breakfast and washed it  down with a nice cup of Kanar."  He lifted his head, let out a breath of air, and rotated his hand wafting the odor towards the young doctor.  Savannah abruptly pressed her wrist against her nose forming a disgusted expression as she stepped back "you be careful Onarin- I'll remember this the next time you lose a leg and I'll be damned if you ever find it again."  She huffed and then looked at Khiy "Captain- you need to get your injection."

"It can wait."  Khiy stated plainly.  He stood up and took two steps forward to get out from between the doctor and his executive officer.  "Have they completed the transfer?"  Khiy asked looking at his Selay tactical officer.

The reptilian shook his head "one lassst container captain."  He hissed. 

Khiy waited quietly- his gaze set on the viewscreen.  Behind him his executive officer and the doctor continued their verbal offensive against one another.  The enitre bridge crew seemed tuned to the pair save for T'Ern with her steadfast vulcan focus and Nik Nok who was too busy preparing a decent firing solution. 

"Last container transsssfered ssssir."  Nik Nok hissed.

"Decloak and disable the freighter."  Khiy ordered and watched silently as the Klingon and Ferengi ships' abruptly began to turn- but it was too late for the Ferengi freighter as a red-hot beam cut into their engines causing the yellow glow of their exhausts to flicker out.  As the freighter drifted out of the viewscreen the Quantum Fury twisted until its mass of gun-ports were directly in line with the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey.  "Open a channel."  Khiy ordered.

The viewscreen flashed from the external view of the BOP to the dark red glow of a Klingon bridge.  The Klingon Commander was clearly agitated as he flashed a disruptor at the viewscreen.  "How dare you spy on us!  You..."  His eyes squinted "Vulcan PetaQ!"

"Vulcan?"  Khiy frowned "do not insult me."  In front of him he could see T'Ern raise a single eyebrow at the comment. 

"It would wise not to annoy him too much mister Klingon commander."  Kaen said and stood up walking next to his little Captain "he might be tiny but he will kick your ass.  You seem to have forgot the import question however."  He looked at Khiy "may I explain to him what the proper response would have been Captain?"  Kaen looked at Khiy who nodded his head.

"You see Klingon."  Kaen said "it would have been much more appropriate if you had addressed us in a kinder-gentler manner.  Something like 'good evening Captain, why would the Federation trouble this poor old Klingon businessman on this bright and vacuumed filled day?'  A little manners go a long way you know.  Hell, we may have even cut you some slack..."  Khiy shook his head at that comment and Kaen rolled his eyes "well maybe not- but it certainly would have been nice.  What can a crew do to get some respect around here?"

"What the hell are you blabbering about Cardassian!"  The Klingon Commander slammed his fist into the armrest of his chair "How dare you threaten us!"

"Me?  Threaten?"  Kaen looked at Khiy "why I never..."

"Shut up."  Khiy sighed "you talk to too much Commander."  He turned his attention to the Klingon "arm shipments within Federation space is strictly prohibited and illegal.  Please lower your shields and prepare to be boarded and have your cargo inspected.  Failure to comply result in the disablement and impoundment of your vessel. "

"PetaQ"  He shouted and the view screen cut out to a picture of the BOPs front gun-port glowing bright red.

"Red Alert."  Kaen chuckled and retreated to his seat.  Khiy however remained standing as a torpedo was launched towards the fury. 

"Evasive maneuvers."  Khiy ordered and the ship lurched away from the torpedo.  "Target their engines and fire."  With the order the Fury unleashed hell on the Klingons.  Red breams crisscrossed blue torpedoes as explosions ripped across the Klingon's shielding.  Sparks and flames could be seen within their nacelles as the shielding keeping the Fury's weapons at bay quickly faded and with them any the chance the Klingon's had of escaping.  It took only a minute for the Fury to overpower the ship.  Once the shields were down and the engines gone Khiy checked his sidearm and then turned towards the turbo lift "Lieutenants Nik Nok organize two security teams for the inspection.   T'Ern, and Alia- with me."  Khiy started towards the lift as the junior's hurried to follow but was stopped by Kaen's voice.

"Sorry Captain, no playtime today.  You just received a communiqué from Earth.  I don't think you want to blow off the President."  Kaen leapt out of his seat "I'll go play with our Klingon buddies instead."  He grinned "this should be fun!"

Khiy shook his head as Kaen and the others disappeared into the lift.  He looked at Savannah "doctor you have the bridge."  She looked a bit stunned at the order but gleefully plopped down into the plush Captain's chair as Khiy headed into his ready room.

[USS Quantum Fury, Ready Room]

The President's image was already waiting for him on the holographic viewer as he entered the ready room.  He nodded at her "madam President.  What do I owe the pleasure?"

"Let's dispense with the pleasantries Captain."  She smiled "I know you are very business so let's get down to business.  I'm not going to order you- I've read your history so I don't want Starfleet to force you to do anything you don't want to do- but Captain.  The Federation needs your help.  It hasn't been announced yet but Admiral Enor was killed on Romulus."

She paused.  Khiy noticed the hint of distress in the President's voice and the tension that pulled the wrinkles deeper towards the corners of her lips.  While Khiy did not know the Admiral very well he knew the Trill was well respected- such a loss would certainly be felt across Starfleet.  "The Charon was dispatched to Romulus.  Are they unable to deal with the situation?"

"Business."  The President appeared to snap back into her rhythm "yes- the Charon is local but Captain Rehu has taken a leave of absence to deal with more personal matters."

During such a crisis?  Khiy was stunned considering her nature but he hid it well beneath that stoic veneer of his fitting of a Vulcan.  "And you believe my insight into the Romulans will benefit this mission?"

"You read my mind."  The President quipped with a sly smile "if you succeed you may make full Admiral within the next ten years.  No need to even ride your mother's coat tails."

A wince shattered his veneer "very well."

"Ah, good.  The USS Hayden will rendezvous with the Quantum Fury.  Mission details will be provided once you arrive on the Charon."


Captain Khiy Kanryth
Act Commanding Officer
USS Charon