Sunday, June 12, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241106.11 duty log, CSci Commander Arcos


//---Science Office---//

Commander Arcos sat at his desk preparing his schedule recommendations for the week. As the week had progressed some of the important labs went from the critical point of observation to completion. The biology lab had produced some overly zealous data about a common bolian coffee substitute. The chemistry lab too had done its part to isolate the chemical compound of its effectiveness. The medical teams would now have thier go at it in clinical trials for the stimulant presumably, but it was unclear wiether or not it was going to be utilized in natural state or not. Given enough time, it could be an effective herbal remedy served in the ships lounge.
"You know, I ought to thank you, Ensign." The commander looked over to his administrative assistant.  "You've given me an answer to what I should drink besides coffee when I am up late.  I'd say this herbal supplement tastes rather odd, but I am certain the ships chef will come up with a great malt or blended drink with its extract.  Plus you've kept the train going on our departments research and utilization of encountered edible plants.  I'd say our newest Botany chief, Petty Officer Smith will have her hands full keeping the plant from dying."
"Oh?"  The ensign raised an eyebrow uncertain what could be the problem. He hadn't done any research on how to keep the plant alive.
"Bolian's have a very unique planetary ecosystem.  The terrain from where this plant was cultivated is… in a sea cave in the west part of the largest continent.  The potassium salt content is interesting to say the least.   You know the drill, potassium chloride solution trickles into the cave…" He started, but vorn finished the sentence.

"And the plant filters out the water… until the pods burst leaving a potassium Chloride salt ring around plant, so?"

"Are you aware of the danger of the bursting pods in close proximity to some of our nitrate root stimulants also present in the lab..."
"ah… I think I will tell Petty officer smith to isolate the plants."
"It's already been done, but the bursting pods have to spread the potassium far enough from the central stem in order to keep the next growth from dying… it's a sticky situation… as shoots of the herb can not tolerate that high of concentration of potassium chloride…"
"I never noticed that in our experiments…"
"Molarities of the solution must be kept at ideal levels… it has to trickle down to the new shoots in less substantially less quantity then the bursting pods with the seeds taking root elsewhere in the cave after washing away…  long story short, she will have to trickle down the quanities to the center and remain in utter darkness… except during the seeding process."
"wait seeding process?"
"The pods 'burst' and a inner pod is released, the waves in the caves take them through the inner channels of the cave where light is shown half their trip as the succeeding tide brings them in and out of the opening. As they are placed in the planting area."

"Can't we duplicate this?"

"I hope so… that's the best coffee I had in a long time."


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science officer


Ensign Vorn
Science Assistant