Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241104.03 || Plot Log || "No Time For Time"

U.S.S. Charon
“No Time for Time”


A frown was on her face as she stepped into the lift and called for the Bridge, another bite of her apple was enjoyed before the lift came to a stop and she stepped out. She was able to see the bridge was also affected by the 'ghosts', as she walked clear through Ambassador Lamont, making her pause and shake her head. A blush in her cheeks forming.


Her red eyes skimming the bridge as she took another bite of her apple, moving to take her seat to the left of the current officer in Command, she stopped, seeing the seat already occupied by the Ambassador himself. Taking note that he was covered in what looked like a spilt coffee, and surrounded by officers righting themselves from the jolt the ship took.


" Pardon me Commander Lamont... But... Mind telling me what happened?" A brow raised as she looked down at him, assessing at the same time to see if he had burned himself when he split whatever it was he had over himself. Her look then searching the Bridge, making sure no one else was in need of medical attention.


Lamont paid the counselor no notice for he was unaware of her presence.  Time dilation effects throughout the ship were increasing due to a probable imbalance in the Charon’s recently repaired warp drive.  It wasn’t until several moments later that the ambassador discovered her sitting next to him seemingly appearing out of thin air.  The surprise caused him to jump sending the remainder of his hot coffee into his lap.  Cursing under his breath, Lamont tossed the nearly empty cup to the ground.


“Counselor this probably is not the best place to be just now”, Lamont stated flatly his torso still stinging from a second scalding splash of coffee.  A sudden hard jolt caused everyone on the bridge to grab a console.  Two crewmen were tossed to the deck as the Charon violently shook as time, space, and velocity viciously conspired against her.


Vae frowned as she looked over to the Commander just as he spilled the second part of his coffee out and threw the cup on the ground. A grimace on her face as she knew what that had caused underneath his tunic, and she was not about to rip open his tunic to try and treat him in the middle of the ships state.


"On the contrary my dear Commander Lamont... I believe the bridge just may be the best place to be at the moment... It looks as though the entire ship is experiencing these time shifts... I woke up twice this morning I think... " Shaking her head as it was rather bothersome.


"It seems as though the bridge is experiencing much less activity as opposed to some other parts of the ship."


“Where is engineering”, Lt. Hawke shouted over the din of roaring engines.


“I’m sorry sir, I can’t raise them or the captain.  Comms are offline”, shouted the communications officer.  “Wait, I have established text based communication with engineering.  One of the antimatter injectors has frozen open.  The abnormal flow is creating distortions within our warp field.  The fluctuating warp field is distorting subspace and space time creating the unusual effects being experienced throughout the ship. They are attempting to cut off the antimatter flow to stop the engines, but must cut the flow slowly. Time distortion effects are slowing efforts.  Will update on progress.  That’s it sir.  I seem to have lost them again.”


Hawke turned toward Lamont.  The young officer was clearly panicked, but was doing a decent job staying cool during this crisis.  Lamont on the other hand was anything but cool having suffered mild burns to his chest and below as a result of collateral coffee damage.


“Commander, I would be grateful for any advice you could offer sir.”


Lamont looked at the counselor and then back at the young lieutenant.  “First Lieutenant, never drink coffee on the bridge.  Second, have faith lieutenant in your crew lieutenant whatever the odds or adversity.  Helm is out, communications are disrupted, and time is obviously in flux– but you have to trust that engineering will quickly rectify the problem.  You have done everything that can be done.  Give them time to work.”


The lieutenant nervously nodded as several beads of sweat ran down his face.  Lamont noticed the young man was gripping the captain’s armrest with a death grip.  So were several others on the bridge.  Engineering would resolve the situation.  Soon.  Hopefully.


Lamont turned toward the counselor.  “Counselor…any advice?  I have no idea how to get coffee stains out of my uniform.”  Lamont flashed a weak smile with a poor attempt at humor.  It was inappropriate, but at least it made him feel better.  He hoped engineering could pull the plug on the engines soon.  He didn’t fancy floating through space at warp speeds for eternity in a coffee stained uniform.


Shaking her head she looked at his tunic then up to his face, "I would have to say that Engineering should be informed that in this day in age you would expect a Starship to at least have cup holders...." Another sigh as she thought again of the burns he sustained. " Just recycle the tunic and replicate a new one... However, in all seriousness, you should get those burns treated as soon as it is possible..." Just thinking of his torso being burned and scared like her own made her wince.


"Unfortunately, the best thing we can do is hope Engineering gets the ship tip top before it is ripped apart..." She was no tactical officer, but they were not really in any immediate danger other then the time distortions. Or so she hoped.  Unless the 'ghosts' started attacking people.


“Well you’ll have your work cut out for you assuming we survive this diversion”, Lamont stated quietly so as not to worry an already shaken bridge crew.  “People meeting themselves, ghosts, phantoms, echoes…oh yes I can imagine your schedule will be quite full for the foreseeable future.”


“Engi…ner..g to bri..ge.  We are..[static]..attempting..[static]..and..[static]..brace for emergency decelera…”


Lamont was unable to wait for the lieutenant to act as past experience and training suddenly activated without thought even after long years of disuse.




Lamont’s voice was quickly washed away by a deafening howl.  Lights failed bathing the bridge in a sea of infinite black.  A roar of engines flooded the ship as her warp field abruptly fell apart exposing the hull to incredible speed while overloading her inertial dampening systems.  Centrifugal forces caused by system overloads and the sudden deceleration tossed man and machine about the ship like toys until finally the Charon emerged from warp into empty space, adrift and powerless, but still in one piece.



Ambassador Ian Lamont
Diplomatic Advisor


Ensign Vae Dwellon

Chief Counselor




<<Ok, let’s getting something going until our fearless leader can catch his breath and beat me mercilessly for damaging the ship…again.  The Charon has experienced an unexpected and catastrophic failure of its engines.  Engineering was able to shutdown the warp drive but it resulted in massive deceleration effects.  Computers are down.  Power is sporadic if functional at all..(no lights).  Communications are completely out.  Life support is questionable.  Expect heavy injuries, lots of displaced equipment being tossed about, blocked halls, sealed bulkheads, loss of gravity, problems, issues, no turbolifts, and anything else you guys want to come up with.  Log in the moment or have some fun with the preceding warp field effects.  Encounter a ghostly appearance of yourself or others?  See yourself eat a bowl of cereal you just ate five minutes ago…sky’s the limit.  Backlog, front log, up or down log…lets just get some logs going again!  If anyone has any questions shoot me an email.  Let’s have some fun with this.  More logs to come from yours truly and the counselor.  – Tav>>


<<I need some logs to read…do it if only to help a fellow simmer take his mind off the $2000 he just spent on plumbing repairs.>>