Monday, August 8, 2011

[USS Charon] [USS CORSAIR] - SD241108.07 || "New Orders" - Cpt. Taverain Ramius

U.S.S. Corsair - NX-011979
Nebula II Prototype
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“New Orders”

Personal Log…


I have had no solid leads on NeoDyne activity in over two months.  It is if the organization’s criminal activities have simply ceased to exist.  Reliable informants have seen or heard nothing.  Even a shakedown of a minor underworld figure produced no new leads.  I do not understand how so many trails cold or otherwise have simply vanished into aether.  And yet, the company’s legitimate businesses continue to operate in plain, public view.  Who knows what darkness they shelter?  I can only imagine and that pales in comparison to what I have seen with my own eyes.  My own mind and heart cannot fathom the utter blackness and evil that infests the core of the NeoDyne Corporation and its vile chief executives.  I sometimes wonder if those capable of such atrocities are mortal men.  Perhaps they are demons masquerading as such in the world of the living.  Man, beast, or otherwise – I care little.  My body and mind are committed to one solitary goal – the destruction of NeoDyne and its leader.  Only then can I rest.  Only then can the universe be spared from the horrific goals they continue to silently work upon.  Only then can justice be served and perhaps even revenge realized for what they have done to my brother, me, and hundreds and if not thousands of other poor souls who have found themselves caught in their inescapable web.


Yet, the veil of darkness that has descended appears impenetrable.  Without leads I am powerless to investigate.  My special status within Starfleet Intelligence becomes more fragile by the day.  They demand progress on monitoring and eventually exposing any illegal NeoDyne activities.  They have a vested interest in keeping tabs on one of the galaxy’s largest corporations.  Without carrots to dangle before hungry admirals I have nothing to keep them interested.  If I were to lose their support I fear my goal of seeing NeoDyne’s evil purged from threatening the living would die like the final embers of a fading fire.  Their schemes would eventually reach fruition and then it would be too late to stop them.  It may be too late already…I must find some new information.  If they have become so dedicated to covering their tracks then I must find a soft spot, a weakness, exploit it, and force them to let slip a few more secrets to keep me in the game.  If that is the only option left to me then the question changes to where one should one attempt to strike a snake without being bitten by its venomous fangs.  Where indeed.”


Ramius sighed.  With recent trouble between the Federation, Vulcan, and the Romulan Empire – things in intelligence were anything but quiet.  He had been forced to run errands for Intelligence trying to find evidence and clues about the recent attack on the Vulcan homeworld the Romulans were blaming on a single, insane Romulan admiral.  His so called Momento Mori was designed to completely destroy the Vulcan people.  Intelligence had him chasing ghosts across two quadrants searching for anything that could give them additional leverage in the current crisis.  That left little time for him to investigate NeoDyne leads, but such was their fragile agreement.  He was their pawn in all matters of the underworld.  His soul seemed to swim within its dark waters forever linked with the criminal underground of the galaxy.  Ramius was their dark, shadowy ambassador where no other Starfleet officer could tread.  Like a fallen angel, the darkness of the underworld was his exclusive domain.  He was given the means and the power to navigate its treacherous and turbulent waters and in exchange for providing certain services outside of official channels he was given freedom to track, observe, and pursue his enemies as he saw fit so long as he passed along what he uncovered in the process.  It was a difficult alliance fraught with danger, but one that had proved beneficial and valuable to the few who knew of its existence.


“Captain to the bridge.”  Ramius looked up from his musings at the sudden communication from his first officer.  “Computer, pause and save log entry.”  Ramius stood from his chair and straightened his uniform.  Perhaps fate would assist him in his time of need.  Even a blind individual in a darkened room could find its exit with enough determination, patience, and effort.


“You owe me one fate”, Ramius said out loud as a tiny smile formed on his lips.  “Let us see what you have up your sleeve for me this day.”


Ramius left his ready room and emerged onto the bridge.  His first officer, Alanis Novada, rose at his appearance and vacated the command chair standing at firm attention as the captain took his seat.


“Status number one?”


“We have received new orders from Starfleet Intelligence.  We are to postpone our current mission and proceed beyond the Neutral Zone to the Romulan home planet – Romulus.”


Ramius’s eyebrow twitched slightly upwards but his expression remained unchanged.  “Continue.”


“Intelligence wants us to monitor the situation.  The Federation has dispatched the USS Charon to Romulus to investigate the recent death of a Starfleet Admiral additionally its diplomatic staff will be engaging the Romulan government to discuss recent events.  We should consider them something of a special envoy acting on behalf of the Federation President.”


“The Charon?  Why does that ship’s path seem to cross ours on a regular basis?  Her captain is Romulan.  Perhaps someone is gambling her past will be of some specific use?  How interesting.”


Novada continued.  “We are authorized to use our cloaking device for the duration of our mission.  Under no circumstances are we to be detected or observed.  They made it quite clear we would be disavowed should something occur.”


“Anything else, commander?”


“We are ordered only to observe the situation and gather as much passive intelligence as possible.  We are to be a silent witness to whatever transpires and are ordered to take no actions beyond surveillance.”


“Hmm.  They send us on errands across the quadrant and now this?  I wonder.  If they are willing to risk our presence then perhaps this situation is far graver than I was aware.  Conflict with the Star Empire would not be in our best interest.  It would only provide additional cover and shelter for those I hunt.”


Ramius tapped controls on his armrest.  “Captain to engineering.  How soon can you have the Corsair’s little wonder operational?  We’ll need use of it for an extended period so it needs to be functioning perfectly as we cannot risk detection.”


“Well, I might need to wipe the dust off, but she’s ready sir.  Give me an hour to run some checks and I’ll have our wonder purring sir.”


“Understood.  Keep me posted.”


“Commander, please work with engineer Kusinagi and coordinate any outstanding engineering preparations.  If we are going to be in Romulan territory I don’t want any surprises.  We also need to identify Romulan communication relays along our path as we will need to piggy back our communications upon their signals to avoid detection.”


“Consider it done sir.”


“Ops, run a level 1 diagnostic on all ship’s emissions.  Report any anomalies to engineering.  We’ll need to rig ourselves for silent running and I don’t want a leaky plasma vent giving away our presence not that the Romulans will be expecting us, but let’s not so easily tip our hand.


Helm, estimated time to the Romulan Neutral Zone from our present location?”


“Plotting course.  ETA is five hours at warp six.  Set course and engage at warp eight.”


Ramius pressed the fingers of his hands together as the crew executed their orders and made preparations for their upcoming mission.  This mission took him away from investigating NeoDyne, but it had certain facets that could be of some use in the future.  It was also a dangerous mission which is why it had been given to him and the Corsair.  It was a task suited to them and them alone given their unique talents and abilities.


In any event, the mission was likely to prove interesting.  Surveillance or not, he had a feeling they were being moved onto the chess board for reasons other than taking mere pictures.  Would they be used as knights he wondered?  The Corsair was too valuable to risk only as a mere pawn.  Something was going on.  He only needed to discover what that was with the breadcrumbs he had been fed.  He enjoyed a challenge.


A diversion from chasing cold NeoDyne leads suddenly seemed welcome.  Where would it lead him, the Corsair, and his small crew of pirates?  They would soon find out.



Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Commander Alanis Novada

Executive Officer


Commander Sai Kusinagi

Chief Engineer