Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[USS Charon] Stardate 241107.27, Duty Log. CSci CMDR Arcos Darye

Commander Arcos looked up from a control panel, wondering if the latest scans had been received by the geology team.   It was a standard routine for bridge personnel to take the scans necessary to conduct the research required for the entire science department.  From the bridge science controls, astrophysics would receive object trajectory and gravitational effect, as well as star data; Geology would receive data on object composition and stability, biology would receive data on any life forms and ecosystems selected from additional scans to assist the operations team, and of course star charts would be added or updated with every scan taken within the voyage.

"Commander…" came the voice of his administrative assistant.  Arcos leaped up at the console to see the geology transmission bleeping.

"Ah Mr. Vorn…" He grinned.  "…Just in time to take in the report from geology,"  Arcos pushed a few buttons on the console and put a note in the log that the geology had received the latest scans of the planetoid in queue for  next analysis.

"Ah, yes.   But actually what I was referring too…" Vorn started to trail off as Arcos continued to work on the sub-routines on the auxiliary science station beside the main station taking scans of the planetoid.

"Alright, just a sec, Mr. Vorn."  Arcos tapped a few buttons beginning the self diagnostic ending the maintenance to the science station.  He had taken it upon himself to perform the routine rather then let engineering do it.  Not that he didn't trust engineers… its just that his station was his station, if an engineer wanted to service her… fine, but if he had the time he'd rather do it himself.

"I fail to see why engineering wasn't called sir." Mr. Vorn commented.

"Mr. Vorn… theres somethings in life that you look forward to as a science officer…"  Arcos started then grinned, realizing that he was starting to lecture.  "Servicing your departments station ought to be one of them."  He paused, then started again.  "Is that what you've come asking about?  Surely there is a lab report to send my way after your personal revision?"

"There is, but some things ought to wait until the department head has completed what he's assigned himself to top priority… "

"Now you're catching on. " he laughed.  "so what do you have for me."

"Just a couple personnel reports for you to review before you submit to the XO."  Vorn continued… "We've got a few crewman ready to move on to technician status… and a couple technicians readyto move on to specialist… that is if you think their service merits."

"Alright, but why not just place them on my desk with the other reports."  Arcos asked.  Why would his administrative assistant come all the way to the bridge.

"There is one other personnel request…" Vorn continued.

"Oh?"  Arcos asked a bit curious.

"Yes it's the request for the science department head teams performance reviews."

"Oh I see, Mr. Vorn.  Are you a tad bit excited?" Arcos grinned, realizing the ensign probably was hoping for a promotion it seemed.  Arcos would have to meet with either the XO or the 2XO once his report was ready to file.  The promotions of officers would be up to the ship command team of course, but Arcos knew the enthusiasm of a young officer all to well.  He had the same spontaneous spunk when he was Vorn's rank… probably why eventually he did get that promotion.  "well Mr. Vorn, looks like you have the science station." 
CMDR Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Ens Vorn (NPC)
Science Admin Asst
USS Charon